7 Ways to Improve Time Management Skills ...


7 Ways to Improve Time Management Skills ...
7 Ways to Improve Time Management Skills ...

With only 24 hours in a day, time management is essential for any girl’s life. Between work, classes, and time with friends, it can seem like there just is never enough time. But with these tips for good time management skills, you will be able to take on the day and all of its obstacles!

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Get a Planner

Move over diamonds, my planner is my new best friend! I carry it with me everywhere to keep track of my assignments, meetings, and basically my entire life. Without my planner, I would never be able to remember all my assignments for classes and know when I have meetings. And the best thing about a planner is that there are so many cute ones that you can personalize it to reflect your style.


Use Your Calendar

Whether it be on you computer or a physical paper one, a calendar is just as important as your planner. With one glance, you can see what you have to do today and for the upcoming weeks. Having an up to date calendar is vital to ensure you don’t have conflicting events and to know when you have free time to study and hang out with friends.


Sleep on It

One of the last things I do as I lay in bed falling asleep is think of what I have to do for the next day. It’s some quiet time alone to just think of how my day is going to go and when I will get everything done. It may not sounds like the best way to fall asleep but it will prevent you from becoming too stressed out when you wake up and realize how much you have to accomplish that day .


Take It One Day at a Time

The whole point of time management is to keep you from feeling to overwhelmed, but sometimes looking at your planner and calendar can be a bit stressful with everything you need to get done. That’s why it’s so important to take everything one day at a time. Focus on each individual day and what needs to be done. Everything will fall into place if you plan out each day and set aside time for each of your goals.


But Still Plan for the Future

Taking it one day at a time is important, but don’t lose sight of the future! Have a long term plan for everything you want to accomplish. If you break down your long term plan into smaller weekly plans, you will reach your goals in no time. And make sure that you keep a pocket of free time in the future for last minute engagements that arise.


Have Goals

Goals are what motivate you to keep up with your time management skills. It is necessary to have both long term and short term goals. I try to have daily, weekly, monthly, and semester long goals. And everything I do helps me reach those goals. Plus the satisfaction of reaching one of my goals, regardless of which one it is, is a pretty good feeling.


But Still Have FUN

You know what they say, time flies when your having fun. And they are right. The best way to stick to your schedule and maintain your time management is to genuinely enjoy everything you do. You’ll be motivated to go to all your meetings and you will be more invested in what you do. If you’re having fun, then it won’t even seem as if you’re busy.

What do you think is necessary for good time management skills? Have these tips helped you with your time management? What suggestions do you have to someone who needs better time management?

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