8 Unique Uses for Different Household Products ...


8 Unique Uses for Different Household Products ...
8 Unique Uses for Different Household Products ...

You readers asked for more posts about finding unique uses for household products and I've got 'em! Have you ever thought about using a spice rack for your nail polish bottles or using an olive oil bottle for dish soap? These are just a few of the unique uses for household products that I've adopted for my house! Amazing, right?

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Parmesan Cheese Shaker Lids

Parmesan Cheese Shaker Lids I absolutely love Parmesan cheese, but I was always left with those containers all over after I was done using up the cheese. What can you do with those containers? Well, there are actually a ton of different and unique uses for household products like this one. For example, did you know that the Parmesan cheese shaker lids fit perfectly on mason jars? Stylish and cool! You could also use these bottles to spread seeds around your garden or to hold snacks (such as goldfish!) that you want to take with you when you want to make sure they don't get stale!


Olive Oil Bottle

Olive Oil Bottle I've actually adopted this unique use for my own house and I love it! Do you have a bottle of Dawn sitting on your counter top? Why not make your counter top more attractive and pour that soap into a lovely olive oil bottle? I did this and I couldn't be happier!


Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder Do you have a toothbrush holder that you love, but can't use because of the fact that you have electric toothbrushes that don't fit into the holes? Well, why not turn that awesome toothbrush holder into a makeup brush holder to display on your vanity? I did this and love it!


Pill Bottle

Pill Bottle There are tons – and I mean tons of different uses for a pill bottle. I've seen them spray painted and used to store everything from buttons to little needles and Q-Tips all the way to making your very own first aid kit inside of one, so that you are always prepared! Next time you have a prescription, make sure you save the bottle!


Cereal Container

Cereal Container I actually am going to do this one super soon! All you need is one of those cereal containers, place a bag inside of it and you've got an instant trashcan for your car! It's by far the best idea ever – and I know it'll work like a charm to keep my car neat and clean!


Contact Lens Case

Contact Lens Case When traveling, I know that I have a really hard time finding travel size in my favorite moisturizers and creams … and I hate checking my bag. So, if you are going to be gone for a few days, why not store your favorite moisturizer, eye makeup or anything else liquid in a contact lens case? It'll work like a charm!


Cake Stand

Cake Stand Oh, Pinterest, you've given me so, so many different ideas to use a cake stand for! You can use your cake stand to harness all of your bathroom things or to make sure that the soap, sponges and anything else on your counter looks totally neat and clean or you can use them to display perfume bottles on your vanity! Oh, the uses!


Spice Rack

Spice Rack Finally, the last household product that has so many totally unique uses is a spice rack! You can use a spice rack for everything from a book shelf all the way to storing your nail polish bottles! I've also seen the spice racks used as jewelry displays too. Crazy!

So, with all of the unique uses for household products, what are you going to try first? Any ideas? For me, it's the spice rack and the cereal container!

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God these are adorable

Love these ideas!!


You could also use

Love the contact lens case idea!! Thank you Heather.

Very awesome.. Classy ideas.. Can't wait to try some of them!!

Very creative!

The cake stand is a great idea. Now I know what to do with all that stuff in the bathroom.

Wow, so good and classy

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