7 Amazing Things to do with Empty Wipe Containers ...


7 Amazing Things to do with Empty Wipe Containers ...
7 Amazing Things to do with Empty Wipe Containers ...

Want to know a few cool things to do with wipe containers once they are empty? This list has some neat ideas of ways you can re-purpose and re-use rectangular shaped wipe containers after you have used all the wipes! If you have a toddler or a baby, then you have likely bought many wipes over the years. Start saving the empty boxes, and then you can try out some of these things to do with wipe containers!

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Make It Pretty

Make It Pretty One of the cool things to do with wipe containers is to make it pretty! It could be an easy project for a lazy day, or something you do with your kids for family fun. You could cover the boxes with fabric, paint them, use stickers or embellish them with glitter and rhinestones. Once completed, they make great gift-wrap, or a pretty wipe container for the nursery to transfer new packs of wipes into!


Storage and Organization

Storage and Organization Wipe containers make the perfect storage and organization tools. You can put anything inside to keep it neat and in its own space! A few ideas include recipe cards, charging cords, makeup, Legos, crayons, pet supplies, first aid supplies, nail polish, office supplies, and pens and pencils.


Travel Kit

Travel Kit For those long road trips, grab a few empty wipe containers and throw together a survival kit! For adults, it could contain snacks, crossword puzzles, books on CD, and other such items. For kids, little toys, crayons and paper, snacks, and sing-along mixes will be great for keeping them entertained. Try to have two or three put together so when one box gets boring, you can pull out another one to occupy your little one’s attention. Wipe containers make great storing places for dog food and treats on the go as well!


Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets Have you ever noticed that by the time you reach the bottom of your dryer sheet box, the sheets seem to have lost their freshness? You can prevent that by using an empty wipe box to store the dryer sheets in! It always snaps shut, so the freshness is sealed inside.


Yarn Holder

Yarn Holder Knitters, crocheters, and crafters know the importance of keeping your yarn tangle-free and easily accessible! Empty wipe boxes are perfect for just this purpose! You can leave the yarn in a loose skein, place it inside the box, and pull up the end through the hole. If you’re knitting or crocheting, just continue to pull the yarn through as needed, and avoid messy tangles!


Craft Supplies

Craft Supplies I’m a crafter so I have lots and lots of craft supplies. A great way to keep them all in order is by using empty wipe boxes! They are small enough to be totally organized, yet they don’t take up a ton of closet space. You can get as picky as you want, even organizing paints by color category if you like!


Dry Storage Space around Water

Dry Storage Space around Water With summer here in full swing, there will likely be plenty of lake and pool trips, not the mention the beach get togethers! You will need some dry storage space around all that water to keep your phone, camera, sunglasses, and other items in. Wipe containers are ideal, since they are not big and bulky!

These are my ideas of things you could do with empty wipe containers, but I’m sure our readers have lots of fabulous suggestions too! Have you ever re-purposed an empty wipe container? What did you use it for? Please comment with any tips you have below, and thanks for reading!

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Great tips! Ours have also been lifesavers for sets of small toys that get lost in the big toy box (transformers, matchbox cars, markers, puzzles, etc).

They make great building blocks for toddlers too.

Wires and batteries. Keeps them all neat.

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