7 Amazing Things to do with Empty Wipe Containers ...

Want to know a few cool things to do with wipe containers once they are empty? This list has some neat ideas of ways you can re-purpose and re-use rectangular shaped wipe containers after you have used all the wipes! If you have a toddler or a baby, then you have likely bought many wipes over the years. Start saving the empty boxes, and then you can try out some of these things to do with wipe containers!

1. Make It Pretty

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One of the cool things to do with wipe containers is to make it pretty! It could be an easy project for a lazy day, or something you do with your kids for family fun. You could cover the boxes with fabric, paint them, use stickers or embellish them with glitter and rhinestones. Once completed, they make great gift-wrap, or a pretty wipe container for the nursery to transfer new packs of wipes into!

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