8 Essential Tips on How to Become an Organized Person ...


8 Essential Tips on How to Become an Organized Person ...
8 Essential Tips on How to Become an Organized Person ...

How to Be Organized is something that is essential for everyone to know. Being organized has a ton of benefits, like feeling better about yourself, getting things done on time because you're not wasting time looking for stuff, and appearing more professional. Knowing how to be organized doesn't just happen overnight, not does it happen on its own. If you're striving to learn how to be organized, you will need to be prepared to put in a little time, effort, and discipline. This article on how to be organized is a great place to start, so let's get going!

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Your Purse

One of the most important things about learning how to be organized is starting with the little things. This strategy runs off of the idea that if you can't keep the little things in your life in order, how will you ever manage the big things? You use your purse every day, and it accumulates junk and unnecessary items. Once a week, dump out and de-clutter your purse. Toss trash and items you don't need on a weekly or daily basis. Replace used-up items. Sort things out, keep your makeup in one pouch, your wallet and keys in another, and your gum and candy in a separate bag.


Your Closet

Your closet is a place that you use every day, so learning how to be organized in this area is important! Don't use your closet as a catch-all. Take time to hang up your clothes every night. Go through your closet a few times a year to toss out un-used, out-dated or unwanted items. Organize by color and item. Pants together, tops together, dresses together, ect. This strategy helps you to get outfits together easier in the morning.


Your Car

Being that you spend a fair amount of time each day in your car, take steps to ensure that it stays clean and organized so you don't have a huge task on your hands each time you go to clean it out. Take trash out and throw it away daily. Get a CD storage booklet for all of your albums. Once weekly, take the time to grab items you don't need from the backseat and put them away.


Your Home

I agree that houses can be a little more difficult to keep organized that smaller areas, but still as important! I try and make sure to do a few chores each day and pick up around the house that way I don't have a big job at the end of the week. Cut down on clutter by tossing items you don't need or want and keeping everything in its place. As I'm cleaning rooms in my house, I make a pile of things that don't belong in that room and when I'm finished cleaning, I carry that pile out and put the things away.


Your Bank Account

Here is an area that not many people really think about learning how to be organized in. Keeping track of your spending habits and watching where our money goes is vital if you want to keep your credit afloat and have money to fall back onto. Sign up for online banking. It's free, fast, and efficient and your bank most likely offers it. You'd be surprised at how having online banking will help you make better money choices!


Your Plans

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being told at the very last minute about plans or social events I'm expected or desired to attend to. I like to have a schedule and plan things out! So in order to stay on track, I make a calendar with each upcoming event, what I'm expected to bring, or even just things I need to get done each week like mopping, grocery shopping , Zumba class or my husband's soccer games. This keeps me from forgetting little things. Having your schedule on your phone is a great way to keep in handy!


Your Job

If you value your job at all, then you should desire to learn how to be organized in this area! Organizational skills in your job go farther that just arriving on time. Lay out your clothes the night before so that you have a nice outfit ready in the morning. Make sure you have presentations, projects and things ready on time. Be the person that people can rely on! Keep your desk in order to appear professional.


Your Life

Knowing how to be organized goes a little further than your purse or your home. Being organized in your life is always a good thing. Balance out your time to make room for things like exercise, social interactions, and family. Make time to unwind emotionally as well. You'll be surprised at the benefits!

I hope this article on How to Be Organized has inspired you to try and get a few things in order! Being a very organized person myself, I love to offer advice and encouragement on the subject. Learning how to be organized isn't impossible, and once you have made up your mind to be an organized person and put the effort into it, learning how to be organized and STAYING organized isn't so difficult! What are your tips on learning how to be organized?

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I am organized and I love it, it just makes my life more easy and practical

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