8 Excellent Ways to Organize Yourself ...


8 Excellent Ways to Organize Yourself ...
8 Excellent Ways to Organize Yourself ...

Being organized is key to being successful, but getting organized is the hard part! Taking the time out to actually make sure your life is in order will help you out in the long run. I'm going to have to start this one and take my own advice! Here are some quick and easy tips in how you can organize yourself.

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Planners Are Your Best Friends

It is so simple to organize yourself through using a day planner. Personally I prefer a notebook sized one so I can write in all the things I have to do in normal sized print. If you prefer something more compact you can go almost anywhere and find something to suit your needs. Not only is a planner great for just that, planning, but it’s also a cute way to express yourself. Pick something cute with flowers, or just your favorite color. If you are really serious about organizing your life, it will be your best friend.


Make a List

You really need to pull a Santa here, make a list and most certainly check it more than twice. Lists are seriously an excellent way to organize your life. If you write down anything you can think of that you have to do in one place and continuously go back to it, you can’t forget. Even better, when you see things being crossed off it makes you feel a sense of accomplishment, which totally boosts your motivation levels!


Clean, Clean, and Clean

Now although I am definitely not the best role model for cleaning, it really does help organize. I suppose this one is kind of obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said! Cleaning can be very productive to organizing your life; you put anything in your room that has gone askew back in order. You will find things you’ve probably forgotten you had. There is also the added benefit a clean room has on the mind; generally if things are clean and organized you have less stress.


Post-It Notes

This is the fun one! Having post-it notes can sometimes be a wonderful little reminder for things. Lists and planners only work if you actually look at them, so sometimes a post it is necessary. If you get a brightly colored pack and stick whatever you need to remember somewhere you are frequently it helps. I put them on my alarm clock, mirror, over my car keys; it is really up to the individual, be creative!



Living in this day and age we have so much helpful technology available to us! You can set alarms, calendar events, check and respond to email, social network, and the list goes on. It seems that we have grown attached to the technology so what better way to organize yourself! Personally I will leave myself notes, set important events on the calendar, and since I run around a lot I can check and respond to email all with my phone. It is really handy to use if you are a busy girl!


Make Space in the Closet

We are all well aware that the seasons change and bring different weather for us; so one way to organize yourself is by clearing out your closet. It is so easy to leave everything all bunched up and a mess, but it is much more efficient and in the long run easier to clean out what you don’t need. With fall approaching it is the perfect time to put away the summer shorts and sandals to make room for the jeans and boots! This not only helps when you’re picking out your outfits, but it also makes more space for your new school clothes!


Storage Bins

Seeing as I’m a college student, plastic storage bins are my life. I pretty much live out of them. If you go to stores like Target or Walmart you can get them for cheap and they usually have some pretty cute colors to choose from. Label the sides of them and store anything you don’t need out and readily available. It will create so much more room for activities!


Color Coordination

I love this method of organization, especially for classes. If I have a green notebook for a class, I will get a green folder or binder. It makes it pretty impossible to mix up folders and binders. It may sound pretty silly, but honestly, it makes a difference when you’re in a hurry to get out.

There are so many ways to organize yourself and I know for certain I haven't even come close to covering them! When attempting to become organized remember that, in the long run things will be so much more efficient! Do you have any ways of organizing your life?!

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Great Article

Love the post it and color folder idea. Helps with kids activities.

All great tips - especially using a planner! (via Twitter)

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