7 Amazing House Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Place Squeaky Clean ...


7 Amazing House Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Place Squeaky Clean ...
7 Amazing House Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Place Squeaky Clean ...

House Cleaning Tips **are helpful to anyone who ever has to wash the dishes, vacuum the floor, clean up after the pets, or separate white loads from dark loads. There's no doubt about it, everyone can use a few **house cleaning tips to help keep the house tidy. Even the neatest of neat freaks wants to make house cleaning a little easier with useful tips for keeping the house neat and tidy. That is why I have put together 7 amazing house cleaning tips that will make your place squeaky clean.

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Keep the Mirrors Clean

Dirty mirrors look horrible and instantly make your bathroom look dingy. Keep the mirrors clean for an instant boost. Don’t have glass cleaner? No problem, use newspaper and vinegar to make your mirrors shine.


Rinse Those Plates

House cleaning tip experts agree, you can save major time and effort by rinsing your dishes as you put them into the sink. Even if you aren’t going to wash them or load them into the dishwasher right away, rinsing the dishes will keep you from having to scrub stuck on food later. That saves lots of time and keeps your dishwasher in good condition.


Clean the Oven

Stuck on food in the oven can be a pain to clean too. One day when you aren’t using the oven, run the self-cleaning cycle or use some oven cleaner spray. The spray is simple to use and makes clean up a snap. Spray it all over the inside of the oven and let it sit until the next day. Wipe the oven out the next day.



Use these house cleaning tips to keep the fridge clean. Throw out leftovers once a week. Try to do this the night before trash pick-up to save you and your trashcan form the stench. Next wipe off the shelves. If you do this once a week, the task isn’t as hard. Finally line the crisper drawers with paper towels. The next time all you need to do is gather up the old paper towels and put in fresh ones.


In the Bathroom

I like to use the time I’m getting ready in the morning for a quick clean in the bathroom. First I will swish the toilet brush around the toilet bowl for a quick clean. Then, while brushing my teeth I use all-purpose cleaner wipes to wipe down the counter, sink and faucet.



There are many house cleaning tips for the microwave, but this is the best. Fill a cup with water and heat in the microwave for two to three minutes. Let the cup stand for another two to three minutes after the microwave has stopped. The steam created by the water and heat will break down any stuck on gunk that will wipe off easily with a sponge.



Laundry has long been my worst enemy. I used to wait for the laundry fairy to come save me from the mountain of dirty clothes. Unfortunately, she never showed up. Now I sort laundry as I take off my clothes. I start a fresh load every morning. Move the clothes from the wash to the dryer at lunch and then pull them out of the dryer to fold and put away after a dinner.

See, keeping a clean house can be easy with the right house cleaning tips. The best part is that you can not only find advice for every room in the house, but you can also find lots of house cleaning tips that help you save a lot of time and energy. Let me know how these 7 amazing house cleaning tips will make your place squeaky clean has worked for you.

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