17 House Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Life ...


17 House Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Life ...
17 House Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Life ...

Do you have any ingenious house cleaning tips? It seems that cleaning is a subject that totally divides – some people relish time for a spring clean, tidying and organizing, and others will avoid it for as long as possible. I’ve always been somewhere in the middle, until I attended a home conference recently…here’s some of the amazing house cleaning tips I learnt!

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Cluttered Home, Cluttered Mind

Never know where to start with cleaning? I know exactly how you feel - it's one of the most-needed house cleaning tips! It seems that the experts do know where to start though – with a bin bag, and a big pile of clutter. Throw away anything you don’t need any more, and find logical homes for items that are just lying around. Tidying first will make cleaning so much easier!


Maintenance Collection

One of the key issues at the conference was harsh chemicals. It’s no secret that some cleaners are packed full of chemicals, and while some can perform miracles, some homeowners are dead against using them. There’s a whole variety of non-toxic cleaners, but due to their milder nature, they need using more often. Store a maintenance supply of cleaners somewhere, and use them regularly. Your house will stay much cleaner, and need fewer chemicals (and less effort!). Win.


One Cloth Woman

Do you have cupboards full of cloths and materials? They seem to have taken over my kitchen. I’ve got car cleaning cloths, cloths for the surfaces, an oven cloth, dusters…. But the experts just use one. A microfiber cloth can be used for all the purposes I’ve listed, as well as being the ideal choice for de-streaking mirrors and wiping down sideboards. Cut down, and you’ll be finished a lot faster.


Shine Your Sink

Do you ever need to clean, but get lost with what to work on first? Choose your sink. A shiny sink looks great, and you’ll be much less likely to pile dirty plates onto it. You’ll find you naturally shine your surfaces to match, and then clean the oven, and mop the floor – and soon your kitchen will look every bit as great as your glossy sink.


Prevention is so Much Better

We’ve all heard that prevention is better than cure, but when it comes to your oven, it really is true. Splatters of food can go anywhere, and almost always require a whole load of elbow grease (and cleaners!) to shift. Keep your kitchen looking great without the constant effort by using well-placed splatter guards.


Polished and Perfect

For items that need to be polished, such as precious metals, invest in the right tools. While some people prefer to go back to basics and use a proper polish and thick duster, polish wipes can be much cheaper and more effective. They are already covered in just the right amount of polish, to save time and mess, and to stop you from applying too much and causing smears or product build up. From silverware to candlesticks and brassware, you’ll keep everything looking good.


Let It Rest

Most people want to finish cleaning as soon as possible – I’m known for cleaning at 100mph, just to get it out of the way. You create more work for yourself if you do it this way, though, as you don’t give products enough time to really work. Always wait three to five minutes after applying a product before wiping or scrubbing. It’ll be much easier, and you’ll finish quicker too.


Toilet Troubles

Toilets are one of the places that need cleaning most, but there’s always a distinct lack of volunteers, however big your family is! Scrubbing the toilet every few days might keep it looking good, but it’ll take up a lot of time, and effort. Instead, mix 50% water with 50% shampoo or body wash in a container, and clean all over the toilet with a rubber swisher. Much faster, easier – and no need for a nasty toilet brush!


Hair Horror

Most pets love to curl up with their owners – but their hair contains oils that can damage upholstery, and nowhere looks especially clean when it’s covered in hair and paw prints! Invest in a pet furniture cover for their favorite spot, and encourage them to sleep there. You can even get heated versions, for that extra luxury! A pet sponge or microfiber cloth will remove any remaining fur from around the house.


Turn up the Music

Cleaning can get a little lonely at times especially if you are doing it alone, so turn up your favorite tunes to keep you entertained. You'll be able to combine your jamming out party and chores, making the process seem a lot quicker and effective. Before you know it you'll be done with cleaning your whole house without wishing you were doing something else the whole time.


Five Minute Rule

One of my most effective techniques when it comes to cleaning is my 'five minute rule'. If I see something that can be done in less than five minutes, I do it right then and there. You won't imagine how long I am able to keep my house clean without going through a complete house cleaning session. So next time you see your desk all cluttered or your clothes out of place, fix it in that moment without telling yourself to do it later and you'll see how effective it is!


Cleaning Glass

One of the most annoying things that can happen while cleaning is your windows and mirrors having those washed out lines and streaks even after you cleaned them with a paper towel. It is as if all of the hard work you have just done went to waste. But not to worry because there is an easy solution! Just take old newspapers (if you still have those) and use them to clean mirrors and windows instead of paper towels to achieve that squeaky clean appearance!


Cleaning China

Over time, china cups and plates get stains, especially if you are an avid coffee drinker. There are always those dark streaks on the bottom of the cup that make drinking out of it unappetizing! However there is no need to buy new cups and plates because there is a quick fix. Just scrub the stains with a little bit of baking soda and your china will look as good as new!


Organize Drawers

One of the problems that I only recently learned how to deal with is messy drawers. No matter how well I organized my desk drawers it never looked neat and organized. However recently I stumbled upon drawer organizers at the Container Store, which were the answers to my prayers. They are acrylic dividers with different sized sections. Let me tell you, my drawers never looked so clean and neat.


Cleaning Stainless Steel

I'll admit I have been living under a rock because until only recently I didn't know there were specific stainless steel cleaning solutions! It's a little embarrassing but at least now I know how to get rid of those stains on my microwave, refrigerator and oven. All you need to do is spray some of the solution and wipe it dry with a paper towel!


Make Your Bed

One of the good habits to get a hang of is making your bed the second you wake up. Not only will it make you feel organized and put together, but your room will look 60 per cent cleaner. So if you want your room to appear neat, the first step is taking care of your bed because after that, all of a sudden your room doesn't look that bad anymore!


Time Yourself

If you are running low on time or just want to get the process going faster while cleaning, it is a good idea to time yourself. If you catch yourself losing your focus, your timer will remind you to keep up with the pace and later you will notice that some of the tasks take less time than you actually thought!

These house cleaning tips have certainly transformed my house – cleaning up after a variety of untidy people now feels much easier. I’ve even managed to outsource some of the jobs, and make the whole process much faster. Do you have any house cleaning tips? I’d love to hear them!

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Nearly all of these tips are from FlyLady.net, a free website to help people get on top of their housework. They're all great tips but if you're going to borrow someone else's work, give them credit. Link to their website & they'll link back to your blog. It's always good to practice good netiquette.

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