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7 Steps I Follow to Achieve a Thorough Weekly Cleaning ...

By Alicia

I do not feel content in my home unless I have completed a good weekly cleaning. After a week of hustle and bustle and being in and out, usually our home is ready for a weekly cleaning. Everyone has a different way that they do this but most of us are always looking for inspiration in how to improve our methods. I will share my weekly cleaning routine with you in hopes it may inspire you.

Table of contents:

  1. Clean the kitchen
  2. Strip sheets
  3. Put everything in its place
  4. Clean glass stuff
  5. Dust
  6. Floors
  7. Scrub bathrooms

1 Clean the Kitchen

Who can start their weekly cleaning with a messy kitchen staring them in the face? I know I can’t! Before I start cleaning, I must have my kitchen in order. When doing my weekly cleaning, I also take time to clean the stove top really well and wipe the microwave out. Sometimes I have time to clean out the fridge too, but that isn’t always a weekly thing.

2 Strip Sheets

The next thing I do after making sure my kitchen is in order is to strip the sheets off of the beds. I spray the beds with Lysol and allow them to air before putting fresh sheets back on them. I think this is one of the very best parts of doing a full weekly cleaning: having clean sheets on the bed. I think there are very few pleasures in life that top sleeping on fresh, clean sheets. I often tell my husband that if we are ever wealthy, I will sleep on fresh sheets daily.

3 Put Everything in Its Place

After stripping sheets and starting the laundering process, I go through and pick up everything out of place. I need things neat before I make them clean. I try to encourage my family to help me with this chore as we go through our daily and weekly routines, but this is something we are still working on. I have a feeling other moms and wives are going to understand that very well. Once things are in place, I am ready to move on.

4 Clean Glass Stuff

Next, I go through and clean what I consider the glass stuff in our house. This includes TV and computer screens, mirrors, glass doors and glass lamps. This makes me feel like things are so much cleaner. Who can feel clean if their TV has a layer of dust on it? A little trick I use to keep my TV and computer screens looking good in between cleaning times is to use a used fabric softener sheet to pick up the dust gathering on them.

5 Dust

Next, I dust. It is always best to dust before you do your floors. The reason is that whatever you are dusting off will fall to the floor and can be swept away when you sweep. It is always best to dust with a damp cloth. This catches the majority of the dust rather than redistributing it, as happens when you dry dust.

6 Floors

Floors are the next thing up on the list. Many of you will need to vacuum to do your floors, if you have carpet. For me, having hardwood floors, I run my Swiffer and then mop. I love the look of my floors when they are freshly done. The sight of my house clean and in order is very calming to me.

7 Scrub Bathrooms

Did you notice what chore I put off until the very last? It is not a coincidence. I hate to clean bathrooms and it is something that I do tend to procrastinate on. I feel like I never get them perfectly clean and that annoys me. At any rate, I choose to leave this until last. But once this chore is done, my weekly cleaning is complete and I can enjoy the rest of my day.

These are my steps to completing a good weekly cleaning. Are your steps similar to mine or do you have your very own unique pattern? I would love to know!

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