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Cleaning Tips that save you precious time and money are always welcome, isn't that right ladies? I've recently discovered the power of windex! One of my favorite cleaning tips to remember while doing housework is to multitask with my cleaners. It can get expensive if you buy a cleaner for every single surface in your home. Windex is one of those cleaners that you can use on more than just glass. Read on if you would love some fabulous cleaning tips and 7 ways to use windex!

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Stain Remover

Windex is a great stain remover! I have used it on every thing from carpet to furniture to clothing items. Spray the area to be treated with windex and use a small brush to scrub at the stain. Rinse and repeat until the stain is gone! Just be sure to use the colorless windex. Blue windex may leave a stain behind! How ironic.


Jewelry Cleaner

Here's a cleaning tip that all of us ladies can put to great use! Windex is a great jewelry cleaner! Fill a glass halfway with windex and microwave it until it's warm. Drop in your jewelry to be cleaned ( only real jewelry, nothing fake or faux) and leave it in there for a few minutes. Bring it out, rinse and dry it off and enjoy the shine! Windex is also great for polishing silver dishes.


Acne Remedy

This isn't really a cleaning tip, but it's still a very useful way to use Windex! Windex has a high alcohol content, so it helps to kill acne on the spot! Here's how: after washing your face, dip a q-tip into some windex. Now apply the windex ONLY onto the pimple. You don't want it all over your face because it could dry up your skin and be too harsh!


Bug Deterrent

This cleaning tip is one that I have put to use on multiple occasions! I'm a big baby when it comes to bugs, so when my husband is not home, I have to attack them myself! A few sprays of windex will usually stop a pest in its tracks. I've also found that leaving small bowls of windex at areas that bugs are likely to enter or invade will deter them. They don't like the smell!


Grease Removal

If you spend as much time cooking as I do, here is one cleaning tip you will love! Windex cuts grease like nobody's business, so I use it on my kitchen counters, my stove and refrigerator! Anywhere that grease splatters or collects gets liberally scrubbed with windex. Bye bye greasy countertops!


Multi-purpose Spray

The main purpose of windex is to clean glass, but here's a cleaning tip that has saved me time and money. Use windex on other surfaces in your home! Toilets, sinks, bathrooms, tile, refrigerators, countertops, non-wood tables-the list goes on! Windex is not limited to glass. Just avoid wood surfaces, anything you eat off of, or electronic appliances.


Ring Removal

Here is one use for windex that isn't necessarily a cleaning tip, but something you may find useful. Windex can be used to help remove a ring from a swollen or stuck finger! The windex constricts blood vessels, and lubricates your finger helping to slide the ring right off!

With fabulous Cleaning Tips like these you'll have a sparkling home in no time! Not to mention the other functional uses that windex offers. One last cleaning tip i'd like to pre-caution: Never use windex on wood furniture or fixtures or on pots and pans. Windex can harm wood and it could make you sick if ingested. Do you have any great uses for windex or wonderful cleaning tips to share today?

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