7 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean This Holiday Season ...


Keeping your kitchen clean while you’re cooking for holiday parties and dinners isn’t an easy task. But there are some things that you can do to make sure it happens. Having a clean kitchen to cook in is a pleasure. You feel much more relaxed and enjoy cooking more. These tips for keeping your kitchen clean can help you create and maintain that lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

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Start out with a Clean Kitchen

One of the most important tips for keeping your kitchen clean is to start out with a clean kitchen. If your kitchen is already messy when you start in on food preparation, you’re going to have a difficult time keeping it tidy and neat. It’s best to take the time to clean the kitchen before you start food preparations. This will mean less cleanup work in the end. This is a habit you’ll grow to appreciate.


Keep a Damp Rag Close

Cooking and food preparation is messy. Spills and drips happen. It’s good to keep a damp rag close by to wipe them up as they occur. They’re much easier to clean this way. After spills and drips have set, they’re going to be harder to remove.


Do Dishes as You Go

This is a great practice to get into. Do your dishes as you cook and prepare foods. It takes a bit longer but you’ll love having a clean kitchen when you’re finished preparing food. I try to start food preparation for the holidays with an empty dishwasher so I can load up dirty dishes as I go. This is a much better choice than having a huge clean up to face afterward.


Bag Garbage Daily

It’s always a good idea to bag your kitchen garbage daily. You may even need to bag it more often during the holiday season when you’ll be doing a lot of cooking and food preparation. An overflowing garbage can will make an otherwise clean kitchen seem dirty. Bagging your garbage daily will also make your kitchen smell better. It may be helpful to choose a small kitchen garbage can to make sure that garbage gets taken out frequently.


Use Disposable Pans and Dishes

Disposable pans and dishes can be helpful in keeping your kitchen clean during the holidays. You don’t have to use them for everything. It’s perfectly fine if you prefer real dishes to serve with. But you might consider using disposable pans and dishes during your food preparation and cooking. It can make clean up much easier.


Enlist Help

Enlist kitchen help when you’re preparing food for the holidays. It can quickly get overwhelming for one person. Even if you only have someone to do slicing and dicing, it can help. Working in the kitchen with someone can be fun. It’s a nice time to talk and share things together.


Slow down

I’ve noticed that a lot of times when my kitchen gets really messy, I’ve been in a hurry. Being in a rush seems to lead to a messy kitchen. It’s best to take your time and take care of things as you go. If you don’t, you usually end up looking back to see that you’ve left garbage lying on the counter or spatters are on the stove. Sometimes you can’t help but cook and prepare food in a hurry but I’ve found it’s best to minimize those times as much as you can.

These are some tips to help you keep your kitchen clean this holiday season. I’d love to hear some tips from you. What tips help to keep your kitchen clean during the holidays?

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I hear you! I have frequent dinner parties, and the few things I would add to this are: whatever prep you can do the night before really helps. Like chopping up salad and keeping the dressing separate. But of course the veggies need to be dry before they're cut. Marinating the night before and putting the meat or poultry in the baking dish helps too. Having the serving dishes and utensils ready the day before also helps me.

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