Are You Becoming a Hoarder? ...


Are You Becoming a Hoarder? ...
Are You Becoming a Hoarder? ...

What are the ways to tell if you're becoming a hoarder? Hoarding can make you pretty miserable, affect the other people living in the house, and make it difficult to enjoy your home. Although the cases we see on TV are the most extreme ones, having a hoarding problem to any degree is difficult to live with, and it's best to tackle the problem before it gets worse. Here are some ways to tell if you're becoming a hoarder …

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Piling up

One of the ways to tell if you're becoming a hoarder is if things are piling up all over the house. Instead of organising your belongings, you're simply throwing them anywhere. Things are piling up on top of each other, and you're having trouble finding what you want.


Just in Case

Do you keep lots of things 'just in case' you need them one day, or because they might come in useful? Then you may be developing a hoarding problem. The chances are that we won't need most of the things we hang on to. It's a wartime mentality of not wanting to throw things away, and isn't relevant today. The best option is to avoid accumulating so many things in the first place.


Boxes & Boxes

Are any of your rooms stacked with boxes from floor to ceiling? If you have so many boxes that you think they must be breeding, you're in danger of being nominated for the next series of Hoarders. Boxes are a useful way of storing things, but don't let them take over; be especially cautious of taking the 'out of sight, out of mind' view and filling rooms you don't use with boxes.


Extra Storage

Are you renting a storage unit because you've run out of space? Take that as a sign that you have way too many possessions. You're paying good money to store things you probably don't need. Clear out space in your house so you can store the things you do genuinely need or want, without wasting money on storage rental.


Changing Rooms

Do you have rooms in your house that you can't use for their intended purpose because you're using them as massive storage cupboards? Do your kids have to share a room because one bedroom is chock full of boxes and bags? You might as well get a t-shirt printed with 'I'm a hoarder'. Get rid of all those extraneous possessions and turn the bedroom back into a bedroom, or make it a guest room or study.



Hoarders often have massive collections of useless objects or things that have no value in themselves. Think about what you're storing. Do you keep every magazine you've ever bought, or never throw out any clothes? Do you keep every empty margarine tub and yogurt pot? You won't use them, so get rid.


Cleaning the House

Finally, nobody likes cleaning, but it has to be done. However, if you're finding it difficult to clean rooms because things get in the way, you're risking a hoarding situation. Rooms will soon get dusty and dirty.

Hoarding behavior is often learned from a parent, so if one of yours was a hoarder be alert for signs of it in your own home. Hanging on to things won't make you happy, and no hoarder is really content with the situation. Do you live with someone who never throws anything away?

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My second mom is a hoarder - baby clothes should be minimal and in good condition. Keep them in tight closed boxes for up to 6 years. If you find that you have no use for them yourself, give them to a close friend, family member or donate them.

Oo my baby clothes r one thong I would get rid of definetly they out grow it vety soon and hell im not gonna use the old one for my next baby . Btw its just six months we need to get rid of stuff we dont need not six years

Hoarding is also a pathological way to try to control your life when you are having a particularly bad time, and seem to have no ability to turn things around. I know because I have suffered from hoarding for a while now. I recommend talking with someone if you find yourself engaging in any of these behaviors. Thanks for posting👍

What about baby clothes and stuff? You can't get rid of that!

Just keep the baby outfits that you absolutely love, you know your going to want to buy new outfits anyway!

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