Gifts for the Minimalist to Make a Fuss over ...

By Olga

Gifts for the Minimalist to Make a Fuss over ...

The minimalist can be one of the hardest type of people to buy for. For some it means simply a love of minimalist design, for others it is embracing a lifestyle of living on as few items as possible, spending money only when necessary, and prioritizing good experiences over accumulating things. If you've got one of those on your list ... good luck! If however, you've got to buy for someone with an eye for unfussy design, clean lines and functional form, here's some things that might fit the bill.

1 Dieter Rams: as Little Design as Possible [Hardcover]

By Phaidon $60 on Amazon

A book where the content is far more engaging than its very minimalist cover.

2 Casa Tissue Box Cover

By Umbra $4 on Amazon

I love how the tissue looks like smoke coming out of the chimney.

3 LaCie PetiteKey 16GB USB Flash Drive

$18 on Amazon

Forget clunky, chunky flashy flash drives. The minimalist in your life will appreciate the crisp clean lines of this.

4 Swiss Army Tomo Knife Mint

By Victorinox $17 on Amazon

The traditional look of the Swiss Army Knife has had a very nice makeover.

5 Granite 16-Piece Dinner Set, Black Sand

By Lynns $60 on Amazon

Well you can't get more minimalist than plain black.

6 Nava Time Ora Lattea Unisex Watch 36mm

By Nava Watches $150 on Amazon

How utterly smart is this? This must be the most uncluttered watch face ever.

7 Pet Thermal Glass Water Bottle with Stopper

By Sagaform $43 on Amazon

50 oz capacity - perfect for serving water in a no-fuss, no-frills way at the dinner table.

8 Hinoki Toothbrush Holder

By TOSARYU $29 on Amazon

You can see the obvious inspiration from Japan - the nation of minimalist lovers- in this simple design.

9 Pure Black Chef's Knife, 13 Inch

By Stelton $115 on Amazon

Beautifully balanced and crafted from a single piece of steel for comfort and ease of use.

10 Double-Walled Stainless Steel Drinking Glasses, Set of 4

By StainlessLUX $54 on Amazon

Have you noticed how minimalist generally means seamless? These are much better at keeping drinks cold than glass, stoneware, plastic or ceramic.

11 Ovale Mocha Cup by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Set of 4

By Alessi $60 on Amazon

Perfect for those who love to "cradle" their cup. No pesky handle to get in the way.

12 Binchotan Facial Puff by Morihata

By Morihata $15 on Amazon

A Konjac sponge impregnated with charcoal. Ideally suited to sensitive skin.

13 Out Time Stainless Steel and Leather Watch

By Alessi $210 on Amazon

You can't really go wrong with black and white.

14 Iittala Sarpaneva Cast Iron Pot

By IITTALA COOKWARE $235 on Amazon

The foodie or cook in your life will surely love the unusual and striking design of this generously sized pot.

15 Arne Jacobsen 5-piece Steel Cutlery Set

By Georg Jensen $95 on Amazon

Unusual isn't it? Georg Jensen is one of the most famous designers to have come out of Denmark. He made gorgeous jewelry too.

16 Japan Houses: Ideas for 21st Century Living

By Tuttle Shokai Inc $25 on Amazon

Be inspired by Japanese minimalism.

17 Deluxe Tape Measure with Stop Button by Blomus

By Blomus $30 on Amazon

With minimalism, form and function can be in beautiful harmony.

18 Teema 6-3/4-ounce Milk Jar, White

By Iittala $36 on Amazon

Simple, lovely and useful. Everything a minimalist loves.

19 ET 66 Calculator

By Braun $48 on Amazon

Such a nice change from all those scientific calculators that have dozens of buttons covered with symbols only Einstein recognizes and uses.

20 Tracks Headphones with Mic, Petrol Blue

By AIAIAI $70 on Amazon

Don't want ear buds but don't want cans either? The perfect inbetween solution.

21 White Saucepan, Aluminum with Ceramic Coating

By Eva Trio $170 on Amazon

A set of white pans would make a real statement in any color kitchen.

22 1-Liter Vacuum Jug, Shiny Black

By Stelton $75 on Amazon

Unfussy and so obviously a designer look.

23 HYGGE Watch - 3012 Series - White/Blue

By HYGGE Watches $190 on Amazon

Another great example to appeal to the punctual minimalist.

24 В± 0 Electric Kettle XKY-R010 plus minus Zero


A kettle from Japan. Could this design be from anywhere else?

25 Arne Jacobsen Sugar Bowl, 6.76 Oz

By Stelton $60 on Amazon

This design was first produced in 1967 and has never gone out of style.

26 Ellsworth Kelly: the Chatham Series

By The Museum of Modern Art, New York $19 on Amazon

Get up close and personal with the paintings of Elsworth Kelly. A series of artworks of just two color blocks.

27 Pen Type-a

By CW&T $130 on Amazon

A pen without any grooves or notches.

28 Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter

$34 on Amazon

This pitcher of BPA-free plastic with sustainable white oak handle holds 10 glasses of plant-based filtered water.

29 The Joy of Less, a Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life

$12 on Amazon

The ideal gift for someone who wants to start living a minimalist life.

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