7 Ways to Get More Chores Done in Less Time ...


No one truly enjoys doing chores but since they’re a natural part of life, at least try to take advantage of some ways to get more chores done in less time. These tips are so easy to do and can save you not only time, but stress and energy too. Forget canceling your Saturday shopping spree with your best girls to clean your home- just use some of my favorite ways to get more chores done instead.

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Never Leave a Dirty Sink Overnight

Washing your dishes every night before bed is one of the easiest ways to get more chores done in less time. The longer dishes sit in your sink, the harder they are to wash, and the more stressful it makes you feel when you walk in the kitchen. Wash them at night and put them away in the morning while your coffee or tea brews. See how easy that was?


Empty the Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher, be sure you empty it every single day or at least the same day you run it through a cycle. Leaving dishes in the dishwasher day after day can create a pile-up in the sink, and you definitely don’t want that to happen!


Vacuum Three Times

An easy way to keep your floors clean all week is to vacuum at least three times a week. Take 20 minutes each round and you won't have a huge vacuuming job on your hands on the weekend. You may have to vacuum more if you have pets, so use any spare television time and just do it!


Take Your Shoes off at the Door

Taking your shoes off at the door will not only help keep your floors cleaner so you have to mop them less, but it also prevents you from bringing bacteria into your home. Gently tap off any excess debris from your shoes at the door and put them somewhere neatly out of the way.


Turn on Some Music

I find doing chores to music helps me move quicker and I don’t get distracted as easily. Try to see how much you can get done during 4-5 of your favorite songs and feel free to break out into a dance if you absolutely must!


Start with the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the most time-consuming places to clean, so start there first if you’re especially short on time. Just cleaning off all the kitchen counters, wiping them down, and making sure all the dishes are washed and put away can make a huge difference in knocking out your kitchen chores!


Nix the Feather Duster

Don't waste your time with feather dusters- just use your vacuum hose while you vacuum the rest of your home. Then you can go back later and use a polish and hand cloth to shine your furniture if you want. Feather dusters just spread dust around, but a vacuum will actually remove the dust for good and last longer than a typical dusting job.

Getting chores done in less time is something I think everyone should take advantage of, what about you? Life’s too short to spend a whole weekend cleaning when there is shopping to be done, groceries to buy, and sunshine to enjoy outside, right? By doing small things through the week here and there, you can automatically free up your weekends and have a cleaner home all week. Do you have a secret to getting your chores done in less time?

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my secret: phone call to best friend that lives 500 miles away. we catch up on what's going on in one another's lives while we're folding clothes, cleaning bathrooms, clearing clutter. in that hour my house gets clean AND it doesn't feel like work because I've been on the phone w her all that time

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