Holiday Gifts for the Germophobe in Your Life ...


Holiday Gifts for the Germophobe in Your Life ...
Holiday Gifts for the Germophobe in Your Life ...

If you have a friend who loves to keep clean, then you should buy one of the gifts suggested by Self. They're meant for germophobes, so your pal should enjoy them!

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PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer Buy this clever gift for $20 on


Screen Cleaners

Screen Cleaners Buy this gift for $10 at


SOMA Water Filter Pitcher

SOMA Water Filter Pitcher Buy this for $40 at


Jao Refresher Sanitizer

Jao Refresher Sanitizer Buy this for $10 at


Zombie Apocalypse Print

Zombie Apocalypse Print Buy this for $12 on


“so Fresh and so Clean” Posters

“so Fresh and so Clean” Posters Buy this for $20 on

Would you want any of these gifts?

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fits me!

Hey, if you want to help your friend, I think the best gift you can give to a hermaphrodite is the gift of love. big kiss. Xoxox

Omg!! I was wondering what to get my best friend for Christmas and I think the cell phone cleanser will do just the trick. For someone who wipes down her locker with Lysol wipes twice a day, this'll be great. Thx for the post

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