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7 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Best Friends ...

By Sabrina

One of the downsides to being the social butterfly that you are is having to buy so many gifts for best friends! This holiday season, however, you may not have to break the bank! Consider these budget-friendly gifts for best friends that are sure to make your friend feel special and cared for, as well as save you a pretty penny!

1 Cookie Plate

Who doesn't love cookies? Plus, cookies are a staple of the holiday season! As a budget-friendly gift for your best friend, deliver a plate of homemade, uniquely decorated cookies to her house! She's sure to appreciate the surprise visit and be happy to enjoy your thoughtful gift!

2 Trinkets

Do you ever walk through a store and come across a random, rare little trinket you simply adore? Almost everyone loves trinkets, but hardly anyone actually buys them. Since they don't serve a real purpose, they sometimes don't seem like a practical buy, but as a gift they are the perfect purchase! A unique trinket shows how well you know your friend and that you looked long and hard for something you knew she would love.


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3 Unique Accessories

I love buying accessories for my friends! You can find cheap, unique accessories at stores like World Market, Earthbound, and Cotton On. Choose an accessory that both reflects your friend's personality, matches her style, and is versatile enough to go with almost anything! She's sure to appreciate your cute and thoughtful gift.

4 Used Books

Maybe some of your best friends are book worms! Why not fuel their semi-addiction with used books you'll know they will love! Some places, you can find used books for as cheap at 50 cents! Just keep your eye out for used books in your best friend's favorite genre.

5 Photo Album

This gift might actually make your best friend cry! Tears of joy, of course. If you have known your best friend for as long as you can remember, create a scrapbook or photo album filled with all of your favorite pictures and memories! You can even write little notes that remind you of her or that day! Some photo albums run for about 10 dollars, and the memories are free, making this the ideal cheap gift for a friend you care about.

6 Matching Jewelry

I know it sounds cheesy, but you don't have to buy one of those little girl necklaces that say "Best" "Friends" on two halves of a heart to get matching jewelry. A matching bracelet, earrings, or necklace can be a great gift idea for two best friends who don't get to see each other as often as they would like. Try to find some unique jewelry, like from a street vendor, so that it's inexpensive and you know you and your bestie are the only ones with it!

7 Wall Art

If you have a friend anything like me, then she hates plain walls! Help her bring the walls of her dorm, apartment, or house to life with some snazzy wall art! Of course, some art goes for hundreds of dollars and more! Thankfully, you can find both fun and pretty wall art for less than 20 dollars at Target and Walmart.

Now you know you don't have to emerge from the holidays in a mound of debt! You can shower your best friends in gifts, but remain smart about your money. What other budget-friendly gifts do you recommend buying for your best friend?

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