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Genius Gifts for Couples when You Don't Know What to Get Them ...

By Lisa

As much as I love the holidays, finding the right gifts for everyone on your list can be quite the challenge. One of the most difficult people to buy for are couples. You want to buy something that the both of them will like and it doesn't really make sense to buy separate gifts, so what's a girl to do? We know, check out our rad and romantic gift guide designed especially for those special couples in your life! Get ready to cross off the final names on your list and maybe pick up something for yourself while you're at it!

1 For the Couple Who Need More Date Nights: 175 Best Date Ideas: the Ultimate Bucket List of Dates for Couples

text, brand, advertising, illustration, pattern,If you know a busy couple who're trying to work in some more date nights into their week, this is the perfect way to get them started!
Price: $12.73 at

2 For the Couples Who Love to Cook: the Date Night Cookbook: Romantic Recipes & Easy Ideas to Inspire from Dawn Till Dusk

room, dining room, interior design, design, brand,Let's keep the date night theme going with a lovely cookbook full of easy recipes!
Price: $14.99 at

3 For the Couple Who Loves to Share a Cocktail Together: Cathy's Concepts We Rock Decanter & Glass Set

distilled beverage, bottle, glass bottle, drink, perfume,Let your fave couple know you think they rock.
Price: $53.86 at

4 For the Sentimental Couple: Kate Posh - This is What Love Looks like Wooden Picture Frame

picture frame, brown, product, brand, LIKE,The perfect frame for the photo-loving couple.
Price: $22 at

5 For the Artsy Couple: Beach Love Personalized Print

sea, shore, beach, horizon, sand,Personalize a pretty beach print for their ever-growing art collection.
Price: $21 at

6 For the Binge-watching Couple: Sweet Treats Movie Night Popcorn & Candy Gift Set

Skittles, Orville Redenbacher, Snickers, food, popcorn,We all know a couple who binge watch all the latest TV shows and movies together. Give them the gift of snacks.
Price: $26.95 at

7 For the Foodie Couple: Personalized Olive Wood Heart Shaped Cheese / Cutting Board

wood, leaf, organ, musical instrument, produce,A heart-shaped wooden cheese board/cutting board is sure to come in handy for the couple who loves to eat!
Price: $33.99 at

8 For the Couple Who Love to Cuddle: Napa Luxury Shu Velveteen Throw Blanket

wool, footwear, shoe, textile, pattern,Any couple would love to receive this soft, luxurious throw for those cold nights.
Price: $19.99 at

9 For the Globe-trotting Couple: CB2 Cork Globe

2014 FIFA World Cup, globe, decor, illustration, circle,Any traveling duo will appreciate a cork globe to pin their next trip.
Price: $204.99 at

10 For the Couple Who like to Stay in: Cuisinart Fondue Set

dish, food, small appliance, cookware and bakeware,The perfect way to spend a night in, with everything covered in cheese.
Price: $35.28 at

11 For the Couple Who Love to Sleep in: I Love My Wifey and I Love My Hubby Couples Pillowcases

pillow, furniture, duvet cover, product, textile,They'll never be able to go to bed mad again!
Price: $13.99 at

12 For the Nostalgic Couple: Our Story Scrapbook

picture frame, pattern, OUR, STORY, WHOLE,The absolutely perfect gift for the couple who like to commemorate special moments.
Price: $23.99 at

13 For the Hip Couple: Mixtape Door Mat

compact cassette, musical instrument, family car, electronic instrument, ACOUSTIC,A fab addition to any couple's front door!
Price: $8 at

14 For the Wine-loving Couple: Durable Travel Wine Bag

drink, beer bottle, bottle, wine bottle, alcoholic beverage,Do you know a couple who just can't go without their vino? Here you go!
Price: $14.98 at

15 For the Gardening Couple: Love You Terrarium

vase, art, ceramic, lighting, bottle,Nothing could be nicer than a terrarium that says I love you!
Price: $75 at

16 For the Couple Who Love to Decorate: PERSONALIZED RUSTIC Birch Vase

flower, flower arranging, cut flowers, flower bouquet, plant,Rustic, chic, and sure to light up any room.
Price: $22 at

17 For the Coffee Lovers: from My Heart to Yours His and Hers Matching Couple Coffee Mugs

Boldloft, Cari Jodoh, cup, mug, font,Drinking coffee is going to be so much more romantic!
Price: $29.99 at

18 For the Camping Couple: Hammock Bliss Tandem

hammock, play, product, toy, illustration,Camping just got that much better.
Price: $68.88 at

19 For the Bookworm Couple: 2 Piece Genuine Charcoal Marble Stone Heart Shaped Bookends Set

stone carving, sculpture, art, monument, rock,Allow your favorite couple to show off their book collection with stunning marble bookends.
Price: $39.99 at

What did you think of these gift ideas? Do you know a couple who like to receive any of these items as gifts?

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