24 Best Christmas Gifts for Fitness for Men ...


24 Best Christmas Gifts for Fitness for Men ...
24 Best Christmas Gifts for Fitness for Men ...

Do you have a man in your life that is fitness minded? That means you can give them something that has to do with working out or staying in shape and they'll be the happiest person on your gift list. Need some ideas? Here's everything a man could ever want.

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Infuser Water Bottle with Unique Full Length Infuser and Insulating Sleeve

bottle, product, drinkware, wine bottle, brand, Price: $24.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I used my new infuser bottle today for the first time filled with lemon slices. I love it – it doesn’t sweat all over my desk (I am a teacher) and it makes it easy for me to know I have reached my water intake amount. I could never seem to get my water intake in before. I am crazy for this product and give it 5 stars for sure - worth every penny. Thanks so much!


Baleaf Men's Cool Dry Skin Fit Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

long sleeved t shirt, clothing, sleeve, wetsuit, active shirt, Price: $14.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Just received this in the mail and for the moment I'm loving it. The material is nice and smooth so whenever you are putting it on or taking it off, it just slides right off. Must be in part to the 12% elastane material. I purchased the black shirt with silver lining and I have to say it looks nice. At first I was hesitant with the sizing and what not but I ended up taking an educated guess after some research and went with the medium. Good choice. I'm 5'4 at around 155 pounds and it fit swell with room to stretch as I gain more muscle mass. Although it does stretch, it's not to tight on the body.


KINETIC Cooling Towel

product, brand, banner, NSTANT, LING, Price: $11.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I ordered this Kinetic cooling towel to use when we work outside in the yard. I wanted a way to be outside helping my husband without having a heat stroke out there. This towel is great! it came in its own container which is really nice. It is so lightweight, if it weren't cool and damp, you would forget it was even on your neck. I like that the towel has tiny holes that help keep you cool by allowing fresh air under the towel. Once it is damp, it stays cool for quite a while. When I felt like it was getting warmer, I would take it off, snap it and it would be cool again. This was a very effective way to keep cool. I would even use it as a gym towel. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


Graduated Compression Socks

sock, clothing, fashion accessory, footwear, tights, Price: $8.95 and up at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I'm on my feet the whole day at work and wear compression socks. The ones that I owned were getting worn so I shopped around online and decided to try these out and I am glad that I did! These socks are very comfortable and are slightly thicker than the ones I owned. I also like how they end right below my knees (5'3" female). In addition, my legs didn't feel as tired as they usually do at the end of a 10 hour shift. I do plan on buying another pair in a different color!


LUCOG Fitness Tracker

watch, font, product, arm, hand, Price: $19.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
This is a wonderful Fitness Tracker. Easy to charge as well. Remove the unit from the wristband and plug into any USB. Be sure you get the unit in correctly, you may have to turn it to have it fit proper but once in it charges rather quickly.


Baleaf Men's Quick Dry Active Short Sleeve T-Shirt

t shirt, clothing, black, sleeve, long sleeved t shirt, Price: $12.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Great fit, very comfortable and a great alternative to the expensive branded products.


ACHIEVE FIT Weightlifting Gloves

glove, fashion accessory, safety glove, bicycle glove, arm, Price: $15.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
These gloves are just great. They feel very comfortable and look nice and well made. Many weightlifting gloves lack the wrist support band and these just add extra support to your wrist reducing considerably the chances to get injured. The other thing I like the most is that the top of the gloves are made of a material that allows air go through and for people like me that sweat a lot, it reduces the possibilities of throwing them away within there months because of the sweat odor. I believe I'll be buying from this brand from now on, A+ product at a very competitive price.


Steel Sweat Weightlifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support

glove, finger, fashion accessory, safety glove, bicycle glove, Price: $16.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I just received this product and couldn’t be happier with these Steel Sweat gloves! I really love the quality of this product and feel that my hands will be protected at all times while lifting any weights. I ordered a size Large and fits like a charm with no irritation to my hands whatsoever. It complimented my workout so much that I plan to purchase another pair when this set of gloves gets wear and tear on them. It is made with high quality material that conforms your hands while lifting heavy. I really like the design of the gloves and the colors. It matches perfectly with almost any working out gear. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is searching for high-quality, durable and affordable gloves for exercising.


DRSKIN Men’s Thermal Wintergear Fleece

black, sleeve, product, shoulder, neck, Price: 15.79 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
I fall in the small/medium range. It entirely depends on the brand and material so online shopping is hard. When it doubt, go one size up. So my case, disregard small and go for medium. It fit perfect! I stand 5'8 at 160lbs for reference.


Hands-Free Hydration Armband System

product, arm, hand, aro, Saave, Price: $38.77 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Every once in a while, I'll buy something and wonder how I ever lived without it. My Hydrosleeve is one of those purchases. I have been using it for a few months now, and I honestly wonder how I've ever managed without it. I didn't think I'd use it very much during the winter months, but I was wrong. During the summer, there are public drinking fountains on my running route, but during the winter months, those are turned off. The Hydrosleeve makes it possible for me to go out on my 5 and 6 mile loops without worrying about getting dehydrated.


Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

juice, product, drink, produce, food, Price: $11.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I have really enjoyed my infuser bottles. I have got this so my family could join me in the infusing because we enjoy it very much. The bottle is great and the infuser basket is removable for easy cleaning or leave it out. The lid is spring loaded so it opens nicely it also has a rubber seal which seals the spout when closed. this bottle comes with a insulating wrap which i wished would also cover the bottom. It has a rubber grip on the side which help to grab it when you hands a wet also has a lock to prevent accidental opening the product is very durable BPA free plastic it has a large opening to fill and clean. I would recommend this if you are looking to start infusing your water.


Baleaf Men's Short Sleeve Running Fitness Workout Compression Base Layer Shirt

clothing, sleeve, t shirt, active shirt, sports fan jersey, Price: $9.99 and up at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I'm 5'7", 161#, wearing 29 waist jeans. I'm fairly muscular as well. As comparison, I wear small size on fitted UA shirts and medium to large on their compression shirts. On other t-shirts pretty much small as well. I like my shirts pretty fitted. I ordered medium size on this shirt and it fits perfect. Nice and snug. Will for sure be ordering other colors of it.


Silicone Wedding Ring

font, wheel, tire, automotive tire, ear, Price: $12.99 and up at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Due to working on heavy machinery and doing construction work my husband doesn't wear a wedding band. When we first got married his wedding ring got caught on a piece of machinery and almost cut off his fingers. When I saw these silicone bands I knew I had to order him one. He wears this one every day now. If it does get caught it will break easier than a gold or platinum wedding band and it is inexpensive to replace considering the cost of an actual wedding band. I ordered the black and gray to suit his style and personality. He didn't want any other color. Overall, he is very pleased and said it is comfortable on his finger. I ordered a size 13, which is the same size as his wedding band and it fits perfectly.


Sporty Touch 4” Men Headband / Sweatband

hair, cap, clothing, face, facial hair, Price: $14.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I was looking for a good quality headband that would resist to all my intense activities. Normally after few uses or after I wash them, they rip off, slip off or lose elasticity and color. This headband is different! The material feels good and the design is very nice. It is wider (4”) in front and narrower (1.2”) at the back and this makes it more stable on my head when I wear it.


Fresh Fusions 32oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Shaker Combo Set

product, bottle, drink, glass bottle, drinkware, Price: $14.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I am obsessed with sports bottles. I've purchased Camelbacks, Thermos, Bobble, Brita, and even cheap dollar store ones. I am in love with this bottle. I love the combined design of the blender bottle and an infuser bottle. It gives me freedom to decide how I want to use it vs being stuck with 2 or 3 separate bottles.


Fitness Gym Towel

laundry, product, arm, textile, Price: $11.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I use this for the gym, and it's the best gym towel I've ever had.


Running Belt Zipper Pocket

bag, fashion accessory, product, personal protective equipment, font, Price: $11.99 at amazon.com
This Is What People Say:
Love this belt. It fits perfectly, doesn't ride up and down when I'm running and also fits a lot more than I thought it would. It looks so small I was worried, but it holds my iPhone, which has an otter box case, keys, cards and pepper spray no problem! Definitely recommend it.



safety glove, hand, glove, finger, wrist, Price: $13.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Even though I've been going to the gym for almost 5 years I've never used wrist straps before buying these. I decided to give these wrist straps a try because I received them at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review and to be honest I wish I had ordered more than one pair.


Brimma Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

bottle, product, drinkware, glass bottle, tableware, Price: $17.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I lost one of my beloved S'well bottles, and did not want to spend another $35-$50 to replace it. I saw a lot of potential dupes on amazon, but chose this Brimma one because of its capacity, design, and explicit use of food-grade stainless steel. Some of the other listings look like cheap knockoffs made of questionable material. Now that I have it, I am very pleased with my purchase. It looks almost exactly like the S'well in design. In fact, the designs are so similar that I can use the caps interchangeably with each other. The only discernable design difference is that the S'well has a slightly longer neck and is therefore about a centimeter taller. Personally, I like the shorter design since it is more compact with the same 17oz capacity. The Brimma performs just as well in terms of keeping beverages hot or cold, and not leaking when I throw it around in the bottom of my purse.


LED Reflective Running Belt Pouch with USB Rechargeable Light

yellow, fashion accessory, eyewear, goggles, light, Price: $14.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
The Running Belt is a nice fit, not big and bulky. It expands to hold my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone with room for ID and keys yet it lays flat and doesn't bounce around. Which also makes it great for non running activities such as days at the amusement park or vacationing when you want to dress comfortably but still need a place to keep your valuables. Every runner knows that nighttime running can be dangerous.
Stay safe after the sun goes down with your noticeably bright LED lights!


Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Bundle

product, BODY, BALL, MANTRA, MANTRA, Price: $33.97 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I bought this product to help with some lower back pain that I am currently having physical therapy for, and after looking through several other products I saw this one and mentioned it to my PT who agreed that it would help. Have to say the product is great and more than just an exercise ball. The poster that comes with it shows all the ways in which you can use the ball and the bands, and which part of the body it targets. The resistance bands can also be modified to create varying resistance, by wrapping them around the ring. Overall am very impressed - especially as you can work out whilst sat down which is great for my back !! The owner also got in touch to ask how it was going and to provide any advice and product support which I thought was great.


Fitness Watch

watch, font, product, arm, gadget, Price: $35.99 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Nice work's great!


Power Press Push up

person, muscle, play, exercise machine, exercise equipment, Price: $49.95 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
REALLY great product - I do a quick set of pushups before bed (rotating between R-G-B-Y each night) and have noticed huge changes in just a few months.


TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt

arm, magenta, human body, Built, Last, Price: $18.95 and up at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
I'm a 375lb big man and it's sturdy,works good and fit me like i want it to. When I move, bend or sit it doesn't come off like others. I love this product and I'm glad I got it.

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