Finding the Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life ...


Finding the Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life ...
Finding the Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life ...

Shopping for clothes from home has its perks, and in the current socio-economic situation, it’s about the most anyone can do. If you have always been comfortable shopping from your couch or shopping in bed, this time is perfect for you. For others, it may be stressful, especially when you are shopping for that special man in your life.

How can you tell if he will like what you buy? How do you know it will fit if you can't see or touch it first? Here are a few tips on how to shop for cool and edgy clothing for men online.

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Your Man's Personal Style

Suit, Clothing, Formal wear, Blazer, Tuxedo, Your man already has his own personal sense of style. He likes certain shirts, pants, and accessories. He may even have different style preferences for work and home. Getting to know what he likes and how comfortable he feels in certain fabrics and patterns is the first step to buying something for your man to wear.


Size is a Big Deal

Blue, Model, Barechested, Muscle, Beauty, Here, size does matter, but only because you aren't going to buy large if your man wears mostly medium. If you are not sure what size he wears, check the sizes on his best-fitting shirts and pants/jeans. Check the sizes on the items he is most comfortable wearing too. Then you know exactly what size to buy regardless of what you purchase.


Consider His Hobbies and the Clothes That Go with Them

Clothing, Fashion, Blazer, Suit, Outerwear, What does your guy like to do for fun? Does he putter about the house playing handyman? Maybe he's into the great outdoors, backpacking, hiking, fishing, etc.? The clothes you buy should work well for his hobbies and how he moves while doing these hobbies. Guys who play ball want clothes they can get dirty without feeling guilty. Guys who enjoy race car events want stuff that's comfortable and that you can easily remove food stains from after an event. Still other guys like clothes that require little "maintenance"; they wash the clothes and wear them and the clothes never need an iron.


Edgy, Cool and Trendy Clothes

Beauty, Fashion, Leather jacket, Jacket, Photography, Cool clothes are subjective things. Some guys would argue that heavy metal band t-shirts are cool. Others would argue that leather jackets are cool. Edgy is sexy with a twinge of scary but in a good way. There are clothes for that type of guy too. Trendy and hip have their own shopping category as well. Thankfully, you can find all of the above on a handful of websites for men's clothing.

As you search, it helps to keep a list of your man's clothing likes, dislikes, sizes, and styles nearby. If you have heard him mention certain things he really likes but does not currently own in his wardrobe, you can look for those items too. Check clothing descriptions for fabric content, especially if and when your man has an allergic reaction to certain fibers and textiles. Then you can find exactly the right item or items to purchase and give him as a gift for the next holiday coming up.

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