Awesome Tips on Living like a Minimalist ...


Awesome Tips on Living like a Minimalist ...
Awesome Tips on Living like a Minimalist ...

Ever wondered how some folk make minimalist look effortless? Want to learn how to start living a minimalist lifestyle? Well, being a minimalist isn’t simply an achievement or a trend that shall pass over time. Minimalism is a lifestyle. If you are new to minimalism or simply want to embed minimalist habits in your life, this is for you. Here’s how to start living a minimalist lifestyle.

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Your Outfit/style

Firstly, build a capsule wardrobe, which is one of the best answers for how to start living a minimalist lifestyle. And avoid seasonal must-haves. I’m pretty sure you don’t need everything that you own, yet minimizing things might be scary and hard when you find yourself saying “ I might wear this one day,” even though you haven’t worn it in 2 years. However, you make the rules so instead of throwing them out tomorrow, scale down and work toward a capsule wardrobe. Make sure to keep the basics - plain shirts, a few jeans, and coats. Invest in quality accessories and shoes.



To embrace a minimalistic lifestyle you must define your values. They are your standards, which mean that if something in your possession, an activity or a purchase doesn’t align with your values, then you know they do not meet your standards. It’s time to make a change or let it go.


Time Management

Managing time efficiently is a quality that few acquire. Yet, it is what makes us realise whether we are productive enough, while genuinely being happy. We all have a bucket list of what we hope to experience one day, but how can you expect to achieve them, being overloaded? When we simplify our lifestyle we invariably end up simplifying our schedule. We are hence able to focus on what matters most – strengthening relationships with others and with yourself and putting more effort in them.


Your Dwelling

One word – declutter! Go through your rooms and donate everything that does not align with your values. There is nothing more freeing than getting rid of things we do not need. Also, minimalists often go with light colors, so if you are thinking of renovating your house or rooms, consider living with less, but be more. Believe me, you do not require many things to be happy.


Express Gratefulness and Enjoy Simplicity

True happiness lies within you. It is not an achievement or a goal. It lies in YOU right now, you only need to put aside your ego and allow this hidden self to get the better of you. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. When you show gratitude for every little thing that you have, it builds up your confidence. You are in balance since you are capable of deciding what you need because living a simple life will never entice stress.


Minimalism Does Not Equal Frugality

Make sure not to confuse these two! Minimalists do not want the best deals, they desire the right. “Buy less, buy better. And really wear it,” says Michael Bastian. This approach may on the spot relate solely to clothing, but thinking wisely, it applies to every aspect of our lives. Every minimalist you come across will definitely tell you to live by it.


Be Proactive

Instead of reacting to situations you encounter in your everyday life, it means that you are in control of how you respond to them once they happened. Being resilient will help you. One of your goals if you choose to have a minimalist lifestyle is to start being proactive right now. Stephen Covey clearly states that being proactive is one of the essentials of life for success.

Hope these tips are of great use to you. I essentially want you to keep in mind that minimalism isn’t that you should own nothing, instead, nothing should own you. Much love xo.

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