10 Ways to Make a Decision when You Are Feeling Indecisive ...


10 Ways to Make a Decision when You Are Feeling Indecisive ...
10 Ways to Make a Decision when You Are Feeling Indecisive ...

I often struggle on what to eat when I am out, so you can imagine the pickle I find myself in when it comes to planning holidays, switching jobs or making other life changing decisions; so if you are like me, you've got to take a look at the top 10 ways to make a decision when you are feeling indecisive. Over time I have come up with a number of ways to help me make a decision, from the fickle ones to the final ones. These 10 ways to make a decision when you are feeling indecisive can help you make up your mind without losing your mind.

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Toss It

Okay, so you wouldn't flip a coin to decide whether or not you should quit your day job and follow your dreams of being a professional clown. However, one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a decision such as do I want coke or orange juice would be to flip a coin. This is absolutely one of the best ways to make a decision when you are feeling indecisive. That way, you can let fate decide whether it’s bubbles or juicy bits, and you can just enjoy your beverage. Stress free!


Yay or Nay?

When it comes to the bigger decisions in life, one of the most logical ways to make a decision is to weigh up your pros and cons. What are the negatives and what are the positives? Write your list in a table format so you can see how many are on each side and if one side outweighs the other, helping you to see which would benefit you most.


Ask a Random

Another way of making a minor decision is to ask a random person. If you are not sure whether to get the blue scarf or the red scarf then ask the closest person to you what they think. Not only is it a great conversation starter but often hearing someone else’s decision helps you realise your own.


Basic Instinct

One of my favorite ways to make a decision is to take some time out, sit with myself and just see what comes up. What are you feeling? What is your gut saying? If we allow ourselves to just chill for a bit, often our gut feeling is evident and the choice is clear.


Call It as You See It

Trivial, but fun, another way to make a decision is to make it into a game. If you are stumped as to whether or not to take the train or bus or stay or go, then say something like ‘Okay, I will stay if the next person I see is a woman, and go a man.’ This makes light of your choice and preoccupies you with playing rather than struggling to decide... and who doesn't like to play?


Admirable Qualities

Who do you admire? Who are your role models? One way to make a decision is to ask yourself what would someone you look up to do if faced with the same decision? We look up to people because we admire and would like to have some of the qualities they posses. In times of uncertainty think what they would do and do it. Nobody ever became someone’s role model for being uncertain.


Use a Lifeline

Next time you are unsure what to do, talk to a friend. Verbalizing your choices and receiving feedback from someone who knows you is one of the age old ways to making a decision - and one that works.


I Thought It First

As with your gut instinct, your first thought is a great way to make a decision. When the decision presented itself, what was the first thought that came to mind? This is often the choice that is most true for us, but can quickly be brushed over by uncertainty and doubt.


Fast Forward

A surefire way to make a decision is to fast forward and see how you would feel depending on your choices made. Are you happy having taken that transfer to Antarctica or is below freezing really not your thing? Does it upset you to imagine your life without him or are you already doing imaginary cartwheels of joy in your head?


Put It out There

I am going to get a bit airy-fairy on you here but hear me out. I once asked for a sign as to whether or not I should be writing and the next day I received an email from an old teacher of mine saying she hoped I was still following my passion and to never give up. Some would say it was coincidence and others would say it was a sign. One of the ways to make a decision is to ask for a sign from the Universe, put it out there and see what you get back… you never know!

Indecisiveness can be as trivial as not knowing which side of the bed to sleep on or as major as deciding whether to ditch your day job to start working at a petting zoo. There are many different ways to make a decision that will help take off the pressure and allow you to simply enjoy your choices. Does anyone else come up blank when making a decision? What are ways you use to help you decide?

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Asking a random person has always helped me because he/she will give you an entirely new perspective or options you haven't even considered! Great advice!

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