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8 Emotions You Can Express with Your Eyes ...

By Lyndsie

You've all probably heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Regardless of whether or not that is true, the eyes are definitely windows to your emotions. Unless you have a flawless poker face, then chances are your eyes are going to give you away every time. Sometimes that's not so great, but there are many occasions when it may be better to express your feelings that way. You can be subtle, for one thing, and you can be eloquent without ever saying a word. You can start out by examining some of the emotions you can express with your eyes.

1 Exasperation

Exasperation is an easy emotion you can express with your eyes, and I bet everyone reading has done it. You know what I'm going to say, don't you? All you have to do is roll those baby blues, browns, or greens toward the sky. A well placed, well timed eye roll will tell onlookers all they need to know about how you feel in regard to what they're saying.

2 Attraction

You know how Tyra is always coaching girls to “smize” with their eyes? This is kind of like that. You know how to show that you're interested in someone with just your eyes, right? There are actually tons of ways to do it, whether you like to do a coy look downward or prefer a sassy little side glance. Every girl has a come-hither look.


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3 Suspicion

Suspicion is another emotion you can express with your eyes. I imagine that everyone has a different way of doing it. For me, it's a sideways look, from the corners of my eyes, typically coupled with a brow arch. Sometimes it relays frank suspicion; at other times, it's all about skepticism.

4 Sullenness

Do you ever feel sullen or sulky? These emotions are different from mere pouting; they're more serious, in a way. I bet you know this one too, though. It has to do with that telltale squint, maybe one eye, maybe both. Either way, it lets onlookers know that you are not happy.

5 Love

Some people get moon-eyed, some people get cow-eyed, some people get starry-eyed. There are thousands of ways to telegraph a look of love in your eyes. No matter how you do it, however, it's an obvious thing – and a beautiful one.

6 Anger

Anger is a really versatile emotion you can express with your eyes. I myself can't even describe the expression of it, though, and not just because it's likely different for everyone. More to the point, it's a look in the eyes. They blaze, they gleam, and regardless of the expression, a person can tell you're angry when they see that look in your eyes. It doesn't even matter if you're smiling at the same time.

7 Sadness

Eyes express sadness very eloquently. Again, it's not necessarily a squint or anything like that. It's the look within your eyes that telegraphs the sadness you're feeling. It's not even necessary to pull off that sad-eyed Precious Moments face. Your eyes are far more eloquent than that.

8 Joy

Lastly, joy is the same way. There is something within your eyes, within you, that can reveal your joy to the entire world. It's the way your eyes light up, with surprise or love or happiness. You need a really perfect poker face to ever keep this emotion from shining through.

There are many, many emotions you can express with your eyes – probably any emotion you can imagine, in fact. You just have to know when to be expressive, and when it's better to keep your feelings inside. Do you prefer expressing your feelings subtly or do you like to be out in the open?

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