7 Things That Get Better with Age ...

Things That Are Better With Age do exist ladies, they are everywhere around us and, oh… guess what? You are one of them! Not every stone turns into a diamond, not every Shiraz will taste good after it’s uncorked and not every bag is a Chanel but we… we don’t have to let the faith decide if we’ll end up being on the list of things that are better with age – we can take the matters into our own hands. And now, just a few days before I officially turn 25 and only 4 months before I get married and start the next chapter of my life, I simply feel the need to reassure myself as well as all of you that aging and changing isn’t something we should whine about. So, here, let’s remind ourselves of all the cool things that are better with age:

1. Some Drinks

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If you enjoy fine wines, special edition whiskeys, scotch or pretty much anything vintage with at least a hint of alcohol and have somebody special to share it with, don’t think twice about cracking open that dusty old bottle! These bottles can cost a fortune and the precious liquid they contain is said to be worth every penny. So, a special bottle shared with a special person on a day that is for some reason special can mean only one thing– special memory!

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