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7 Things That Get Better with Age ...

By Jelena

Things That Are Better With Age do exist ladies, they are everywhere around us and, oh… guess what? You are one of them! Not every stone turns into a diamond, not every Shiraz will taste good after it’s uncorked and not every bag is a Chanel but we… we don’t have to let the faith decide if we’ll end up being on the list of things that are better with age – we can take the matters into our own hands. And now, just a few days before I officially turn 25 and only 4 months before I get married and start the next chapter of my life, I simply feel the need to reassure myself as well as all of you that aging and changing isn’t something we should whine about. So, here, let’s remind ourselves of all the cool things that are better with age:

1 Some Drinks

Some DrinksIf you enjoy fine wines, special edition whiskeys, scotch or pretty much anything vintage with at least a hint of alcohol and have somebody special to share it with, don’t think twice about cracking open that dusty old bottle! These bottles can cost a fortune and the precious liquid they contain is said to be worth every penny. So, a special bottle shared with a special person on a day that is for some reason special can mean only one thing– special memory!

2 Books

BooksFirst editions, special editions, luxury editions – some old books are a valuable collector’s item which is exactly what you need to remind yourself of the next time you feel like de-cluttering your attic! I personally enjoy flipping through those yellow pages, love the musky, old smell of the leather covers and believe no book is ever too old for reading. Books will always have a special place on my list of things that are better with age not only because of their retro look and feel but because even reading one of them or simply flipping through a pile trying to decide which book to read feels like an adventure on its own!

3 Designer Items

Designer ItemsVintage bags and jewelry are always my first choice- partially because there is always a chance to snag them for a really great price and partially because I have my own, sometimes even a bit too classic interpretation of style and trends. Even celebrities known for their edgy style (read: Lady Gaga and Rihanna) have managed to incorporate luxurious, eye-catching vintage Chanel earrings and necklaces into their outfits and it’s no secret that celebs like to collect vintage bags as well. You see, my ladies, there was a time when luxury items were indeed luxurious, a time when chains didn’t break on their own, stitches didn’t come undone on their own, when hardware was gold plated and leather didn’t peel off THAT easily. These items can be found even now and although good pieces still cost quite a bit, that price is still significantly lower than the one you’d have to pay for a new item! So? What’s going to be your choice? A glossy new bag everyone else has or a relatively unique, discontinued style with a soul?

4 Style

StyleDo you ever blush while looking at your old photos? Do you ever feel the need to say, “God, what was I thinking?” LOL! I feel you sister! In fact, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing any of those outfits I wore 5-7 years ago! Luckily for us, style is one of many things that are better with age, something that makes us feel nicer and something that helps us express ourselves! So, feel free to change and update your style anytime you feel the need to do so, feel free to be different and never but NEVER think you’re too young/old/busy or whatnot to look the way you want to!

5 Sex

SexFirst sexual experience shouldn’t be rushed and it certainly shouldn’t define your sex life because love making skills evolve with age as well! In fact, I believe many women who now have a very good sex life thought “Well, this is one thing I won’t be doing again soon!” after their first sex! LOL! In order to really enjoy this “activity” you’ll need to feel comfortable in your own body and that doesn’t have so much to do with looking good but more with feeling good and understanding, embracing and expressing all those new, intimate emotions. Getting to know your body takes time, figuring out what you like and what you don’t like does too so being older, wiser (and maybe even louder) does have its benefits!

6 Social Life

Social LifeDealing with friends, frenemies and other people in your life tends to get much easier as the years pass, mostly because your opinions and feelings change as you grow up. You start thinking quality instead of quantity, you learn to control your emotions and finally accept that you can’t keep your sanity and get the whole world to like you! And you know what? This is actually a step up! The number of people you call “friends” might get reduced at some point which of course doesn’t mean your social life is suffering. In fact, if we’re going to discuss things that are better with age, we simply must talk about social life as well! “Why?”- some of you may wonder noticing that they don’t go out as nearly as much as they used to when there were 17 or 20. Yes, I will give you that, but did you notice that the quality is better?

7 Self Respect

Self RespectSelf respect is definitely one of the things that are better with age and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to wait five or ten years to be able to see the first results! Our lives change when we grow up, there is a whole bunch of new things we have to do, a whole bunch of new situations we have to handle and a whole bunch of hardships we have to overcome. It’s not always easy, I’ll give you that, but the harder we try, the better we feel about ourselves in the long run. Every new day, every chance you were brave enough to take, even every fall you were able to pick yourself up after will help you build up a strong character and start respecting yourself even more.

With so many things that are better with age you simply can’t allow yourself to feel bad about that one extra candle on a birthday cake - that’s what I’ve been telling myself these past couple of days. So happy birthday to all of you turning 25 this year and hope this list of things that are better with age made you realize that there are many cool stuff you can look forward to! So, what are you hoping to achieve in the next few years?

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