8 Life Lessons They Should Teach in School ...


Life lessons can be harsh, become clearer with hindsight and are always there to surprise those who aren’t taught them or those to whom they don’t come to intuitively or experientially. Exams and grades are the focus for students and teachers alike in school, but the education that gets us through a lifetime – wisdom and experience – rarely comes from a textbook, because we learn something new every passing day, often without even realizing it. Here are 8 Life Lessons They Should Teach in School that will help or should have helped us all somewhere along our paths of life.

1. Always Be Completely Honest with Yourself – and Others

Honesty, so they say, is the best quality – and it is, even if being honest means taking a risk. Be honest with yourself about your character, your behavior, your personality and your faults. Extend that sincerity to others and you will become someone of integrity and principles, who can hold their head high.

Grades and Awards Aren’t Everything
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