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10 Times You Dont Need to Apologize ...

By Jordin

Stats show that girls give up plenty of apologies- and over half of them are unnecessary, because there are lots of times you don't need to apologize! Imagine that, you are apologizing for things that you shouldn't even feel a smidgen bad about! Not every less-than-perfect situation warrants an "I'm sorry" from your beautiful lips. So why are you giving one? There are certain times you shouldn't feel bad, not even for the other person's situation. It's not your fault if they make less money than you or don't feel the same way you do about something! So how do you know when you should own up or lay low? Keep reading this article and I will tell you 10 times you don't need to apologize!

Table of contents:

  1. When you have harmless indulgences
  2. When you rsvp "no"
  3. When you hate your new haircut
  4. When you show up solo
  5. When you give your honest opinion
  6. When you get paid
  7. When you don't text back in 5 seconds
  8. When you delete friends on facebook
  9. When you only pay for what you ate
  10. When you don't want to share your clothes

1 When You Have Harmless Indulgences

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Eating raw cookie dough, taking a bubble bath daily, watching every episode of Glee.....hey, we all have those little harmless indulgences! Without them, life would be such a drag! Show me one person who doesn't enjoy a few little things out of life, and I'll show you a boring snob that has no friends. And we know that person isn't YOU, right? So don't apologize for being interesting!

2 When You RSVP "No"

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You really don't have to feel bad about not coming up with an excuse to attend your co-worker's sister-in-law's nephew's birthday party. Really? Come on! A simple no is enough, and if they press it, just say you have other plans. Who cares if those plans are to chill in front of the TV in your sweats while you eat ice cream and popcorn for supper? The point is, this is one time when you don't need to apologize!

3 When You Hate Your New Haircut

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Your hairdresser isn't the one who has to go home with those hideous poufy bangs so why are YOU the one squeaking out an apology? If you don't like your haircut, it's one time when you don't need to apologize. And you may want to check the beauty shop's policy-many places offer to fix your haircut for free if you hate it!

4 When You Show up Solo

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Nobody likes going stag-but come on! What kind of party would it be if no one there was single? Not a very great one probably! And there's no shame in going to something more classy alone, such as a wedding or a dinner party. Who says you need a date to have a good time?

5 When You Give Your Honest Opinion

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If your friend asks you for your opinion, there's no need to start out by saying "I'm sorry, but..." Well she asked you didn't she? So why should you apologize for being honest! And even if she doesn't ask, what are friends for except to give each other advice and look out for one another's well being? So don't apologize for gently pointing out that your friend deserves better!

6 When You Get Paid

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When you earn more than your friends do, that's one of the times you don't need to apologize. The key word here is EARN. Not that your friends don't work hard, but if they want better for themselves, they can go after it. You deserve that paycheck, don't feel bad about it!

7 When You Don't Text Back in 5 Seconds

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Don't you just hate it when people text you every 10 seconds if you don't respond to the first text right away? I know I do! It can be so annoying! For really important stuff, there's this super cool cell phone feature that actually allows people to place a call! So if it's an emergency or something important, your friends and family can call. Don't feel as though you should apologize if you don't text back after 5 minutes!

8 When You Delete Friends on Facebook

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We all hate those people who update their status every hour, post annoying profile pictures, and constantly ask you to play Farmville and those other games you don't have time for. And do you really need to be friends with that boy from kindergarten or your co-worker's daughter's boyfriend? Some people have better things to do with their time than weed through a bunch of facebook gossip and chatter, and you are one of those people! So when you delete friends from facebook, it's one of those times you don't need to apologize!

9 When You Only Pay for What You Ate

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Let's say you and a friend go shopping. If her purchases cost more than yours, you wouldn't offer to split the bill, would you? Of course not! And that should be the same concept when you go out to eat with friends. If one of you has the bright idea to put it all on one bill, that's perfectly fine, but at the end of the meal, you shouldn't need to apologize when you only want to pay for your salad and diet coke. Especially when your friends all ordered stuffed crab and martinis!

10 When You Don't Want to Share Your Clothes

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You have worked hard making money to buy your clothes, and it has taken you a long time to build a wardrobe full of classy, nice pieces that you wear often. Don't feel obligated to lend your clothes out every time a friend asks! If anyone is going to spill wine on your new dress, it had better be you! One time you don't need to apologize is when you are taking care of your property!

Not everything in life has to be about you, and yes, there are times when you should own up to your mistakes and mea culpas. But these 10 times you don't need to apologize are NOT on the list! These are times when you can walk away guilt free and faultless. So enjoy it, and for goodness sake don't apologize for it! When do you think you SHOULD apologize, though?

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