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7 Times when It's Ok to Cry ...

By Ebangha

There are so many times when it’s ok to cry. We just do not realize that it sometimes. Sometimes, as humans, we just need a sure fire way to release all of the pent up emotion that we have. Crying does that for me at times. Maybe you didn’t know, but here are a few examples of times when it’s ok to cry.

1 After a Death

The death of a loved one is the perfect example of any of the times when it's ok to cry. We always tend to focus on being strong for others that we forget to allow ourselves to really feel what is going on in our own hearts. Allow yourself to express that pain and perhaps it will all be a bit less painful tomorrow.

2 Before, during and after a Breakup

Break-ups are a life-changing decision whether it is yours or your ex’s. You feel all sorts of emotions before you make the decision and in the days and weeks to follow. Allow yourself some time to really go through it. If it angers you, yell for a while. If your heart aches, cry it out. Do whatever you have to get that emotion out; then walk away from it. Nothing should hold you back from moving forward, especially not your past.


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3 Workouts

Now this one is a bit unusual. But as a dancer growing up, there were times when I would have to pull through a strenuous workout and at the end I would shed a tear or two. It was more of an expression of joy that that hell was over rather than me being sad. Anyway, I think any type of good and hard workout can make you shed a tear. Don’t be afraid to do so.

4 After a Loss

When you lose a job or a game, it can be hard to be positive again. You have all of this negative energy and thoughts. It can be hard to figure out a way to keep going when you feel like a big failure. Do not, for one minute, think that you are too good to cry. Let it out and push forward. You have every right to express just how you feel.

5 That One Movie Scene

If you love sappy lovey dovey movies, then this point is just for you. If that heartbreaking scene moves you, do not be afraid to shed a tear or two. Your heart was moved. It is ok. You do not have to hide your emotions for anyone.

6 During a Passionate Speech

Now this one is tricky. You can cry during a passionate speech. Just please be sure that your words are clear and still articulated well. Otherwise the audience will not be able to understand your passion for the subject that you are speaking on. Maybe you could try to speak for a bit in a slow and controlled manner. If you start to well up inside, take a minute to yourself and let that tear out, then continue.

7 Whenever

You are human. Sometimes you cry. Sometimes you don’t. You should never have to feel like you cannot express yourself in an emotional way. Do not let the people around make you hold it all in. It is perfectly ok to be yourself.

We all need a good cry sometimes. Maybe you do right now, and you just do not realize it. When do you think it is ok to cry?

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