8 Sobering but Simple Lessons in Life We Can Learn from Children ...

“Out of the mouths of babes”. Isn’t that just so true? Children have a freedom of expression that we as adults can only wish for. As well as the ability to speak honestly and call a spade a spade, children can enjoy a simple view of life not yet jaded by adult experiences.

Adults often believe that children should listen to their elders to learn about life.

We should all broaden our minds and study some of the lessons in life that we can learn from children – you’d be surprised as to how relevant they are to us all. Please do read on for my list of 8 Sobering but Simple Lessons in Life We Can Learn From Children and enjoy!

1. Be Yourself, and Not Anyone else

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Children are completely unique. Even twins and triplets are always forging their own individual identities, but unfortunately as adults we can often fall into the trap of trying to be someone that we are not. People should learn to like you for who you are, not for what you think they want you to be – the right person in your life will appreciate the authentic you, not a manufactured copy of someone else.

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