We've All Done These 17 Stalkerish Things Once or Twice ...

All women stalk, right? All men, too. Let me be clear first: no, I am not in any way advocating stalking. Stalking is bad and dangerous and sick and you should never, ever, ever seriously stalk another person. If someone is stalking you, please, please, please do anything you have to do to keep yourself safe. Now, having said that, I believe that we are all capable of stalkerish things. I am going to prove that theory because I bet all of you have done at least one of the following things. If you haven't, you're probably perfect, and I probably hate you a little, to be honest.

1. Creeped on Old High School Friends

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Not because you want to befriend them again and not even because you particularly wish them well. You just want to check up on your old frenemies and make sure your life is way better.

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