Adults Never Want to Hear about These Embarrassing High School Situations ...


I guess it is safe to say that all of us experienced certain embarrassing high school situations that we don’t want to ever remember. When out of the blue you remember a particular incident, you try hard to bury the thought in your subconscious and proceed to think about something else that won’t make you feel the same dosage of humiliation that slapped you in the face when you were only 16. Here are seven embarrassing high school situations that we hope our friends will never ever mention, especially during high school reunions:

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“Her Husband Was My Ex”

“And she used to be my BFF,” said this drunken woman while pointing at my friend. It was a high school reunion that I got invited to attend two years ago. Talk about one of those embarrassing high school situations that you don’t want to witness. Of course, everybody knows that but do you really have to shout it to the world? The drunken woman came out pathetic and stuck in the past. Lesson learned: “Never get drunk in a high school reunion.”


“You Cheated, That’s Why You Didn't Graduate with Honors”

Please don’t attempt to tell this to the person concerned even when it's only meant to be a joke. It was a humiliating experience to the person so please think before you open your mouth. High school was tough for most of us. We came out alive with battle scars but some wounds are still fresh. Don’t add further insult to injury, por favor.


“She Deserved to Be Class Valedictorian, Not You”

We all know you think that your best friend deserved to be at the top of the class but the decision was made 20 years ago and there is nothing you can do about that. Even if you think that the class valedictorian was not academically superior or did not possess strong leadership skills, please don’t tell it to his/her face in public. It’s embarrassing to her. It’s embarrassing to you too, for failing to move on.


“You Were the Girl with Lots of Acne”

You entered the room feeling confident, introduced yourself to some people and then out of nowhere this guy came up to you and said, “Hey Cris! Wow, you look great! I didn’t recognize you. You used to be this girl with lots and lots and lots of acne on your face, so much that I wouldn’t want to look at you.” You can reply with grace and confidence, but admit it - you don’t really want to remember your acne-infested face from a decade ago.


“You Dated the P.E. Teacher!”

You are in a room waiting for your job interview with the Head of Human Resources. She walks in with an air of authority and you can’t help but feel nervous. She sits down in front of you and you recognize her. “Hi Ana,” she greeted you with a smile. Shocked, you replied: “You … you were the girl who dated the P.E. teacher.” Ana’s face turned red. Do you think you got the job?


“I Fainted in Biology Class”

We know. It’s because of the blood. We know you can’t stand the color red. We know you're sensitive. We're tired of hearing it. Don’t mention it again. Okay?


“My Two Girlfriends Found out I Was a Two-Timer”

This goes out to THAT boy. So … they humiliated you before the flag ceremony for everyone to see and hear. Must be really embarrassing. That's because it takes two to tango. Not three.

What is your most embarrassing high school memory?

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