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Sometimes you just need a list of people to keep out of your life. They do you no good. You cannot even help them out. There is just no growth in that friendship or relationship period. It is hard to let go of these people when you cannot really understand what it is that they are doing in your life. That is ok. Use this list and figure out the people to keep out of your life (maybe for good).

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The Negative Nancys

Of all the people to keep out of your life, Negative Nancys are that first that should go. These are not people necessarily named Nancy. However, they are people that always have a negative, attitude, a negative mind frame, or just something negative to say. They will not help you grow. They will not bring joy to your life. No matter what you do, say or how you feel, they will always try to bring you down to their negative and “glass-half-empty” way of living life.


The Self-Pity Crew

This is not the cool crew. This is the crew that always feel sorry for themselves. They are the feeling you get when something bad happens that you just cannot help. The problem with them is, they do not try to get away from this feeling. They just want to keep in the sea of self-pity and enhance it with the pity of others. Do not get sucked into this crew. They will be too detrimental to your wellbeing.


The Living Good in the Hood

These are people that are always upbeat but not productive. They party all weekend and are unproductive all week. The live the life you want on Instagram and hide reality behind closed doors. Do not fall for this deception. Life cannot always be everything you want it to be. Part of growing up and maturing is realizing that life is complete when you go through it fully. Live a real life. Step away from false realities.


The Full-of-Themselves

These people have it all. When I say all, I mean everything and a bag a chips to boot. They want you to ask about them. They want you to know about them. They want their name in your head always. These are the “takers” of society that do not give jot a single thing back. Leave them where you find them otherwise you’ll find yourself beyond drain with every encounter.


The up-to-No-Goods

Have you ever had a friend who just cannot seem to stay out of trouble? Now, I do not mean people that have faced illness, the loss of a loved one or being fired. I am talking about people who consistently break the law with no real need to. I mean the people that push those pesky social media scams, the ones that always try to live the good life at the expense of others. Live the out of your life. There is no need to be guilty be association.


The One-up(ers)

If you have it, they have to have is also. If you want it, they are too good for it. Have you ever had a friend that always has a need to one-up your latest accomplishment? They are people that you cannot have a healthy competitive relationship with because they just don’t know what that means.


The Forgetful Bunch

Have you ever had food and given some to a hungry friend only to have them not return the favor later? Or have you ever planned lovely surprise birthdays for a friend and realized that they have never even remembered your birthday? There are people in this world that will treat you like you are nothing. Leave them where you find them. If that is not possible, spend as little of your time with them as you can. There is no need to continuously be treated as if your are nothing when there are many others in this world that will treat you as if you are everything.


The People You Don’t Really like

If you do not like them, why do you waste time with them? I never understood that. If I love you, I will be in your corner fighting for you and your livelihood. If I can’t get along with you, I will not be bothered with you. I with you nothing but love and happiness. You just will not be able to steal mine.

We all have only one life to live. As cliché as that may be, it certainly is true. Take time to really comb through your friends list (not only the ones on Facebook). How will you change you reevaluate your friendships and relationships?

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Just saying the truth

I couldn't agree more with all of these. If you want a happy healthy and positive life definitely follow these rules.

I wanted to forward this article to a friend, but all the typos ruined that for me.

So I'm hanging out with my "friends" and they fit all of these...

Esh my inlaws


Pretty sure my brother's always going to be a "living good in the hood", he's always going on holidays, festivals, and doesn't stay put! Hmm

Keeping out the negative people out of your life is one of the best things you can do. Learn to say no. Even if they feel offended. If a relationship doesn't prosper it's time to cut it off

A very good article!

Too many typos.

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