13 Phrases and Words People Need to Stop Using ...


13 Phrases and Words People Need to Stop Using ...
13 Phrases and Words People Need to Stop Using ...

Step away from the keyboard, as I share with you the words people need to stop using this year. I don’t know about you but I’m over hearing and reading the same thoughts, from different people. I blame pop culture and the ability to copy and paste just about everything, for the limited vocabulary we see nowadays. Sure, words can mean so much at times, but there are several statements that stand for nothing. Take a stand AGAINST the words people need to stop using, once and for all.

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Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

If these aren’t the words people need to stop using this year, I don’t know what they are! Well, if one had no time for… whatever “that” is, why talk about it in the first place? Thanks to the magic of YouTube, viral sensation Sweet Brown has managed to bring this over-used phrase into the mainstream to simmer in our brains forever.


This once quirky expression has become the ultimate verbal eye-roll, hasn't it? Sweet Brown, bless her unintentional gift to pop culture, probably had no idea her candid exasperation would turn into the go-to line for anyone trying to sound sassy yet pressed for time. But let's be honest, overuse has drained it of its original charm. It's time we retire this line and find fresher, more original ways to express our overwhelmed schedules and lack of patience for the trivial. After all, investing in a richer vocabulary will always pay off - and it's something we certainly have time for.


Awesome Sauce

If it’s awesome, then why call it a sauce? Is it not awesome simply by being the way it is? Everything is relative these days, which means your awesome sauce might be nothing more than spaghetti sauce to me. Pass the pasta, and hold the awesome sauce, pretty please?


Double down

I used to think this was a reference to a sexual position. I was highly upset to find out its actual meaning: to make a risky decision (usually a political or another otherwise professional one) that might be profitable – it comes from playing blackjack. I’d rather come up with a more sexual meaning though.


It is What It is

Now, if this isn’t the most hopeless statement of the decade! Sure, there are some things in life we cannot change, like death and taxes. But often times, an “it is what it is” is nothing more than a dismissive phrase which stems from sheer laziness. Either learn to deal with what you cannot change, or come up with a solution to fix the unnecessary drama in your life.


The Next Level

This attempt to make your life more important than mine… it just needs to stop. Besides, isn’t it a given that a next level is pending? Let’s face it: this phrase is a pointless attempt to make the mundane look like… I don’t know… like awesome sauce! Unless the next level is an impressive leap towards a higher tax bracket, don’t ever use this phrase.



If you watch enough VH1 or read an adequate amount of gossip news, then you already know what it means to be ratchet. It’s about doing just about everything you’ve been told not to do in public, and being as belligerent and low-class as possible. (Now that I think about it, we might need to hold on to this word for a few more months.)



America is supposed to be the land of the free, and you're not the boss of me. Don’t make me choose which foods are "superfoods." It’s all in a matter of opinion anyway, but most food is super to me!



All right, so I understand that you only live once, I completely get that, but how often do you need to say it? How often do you need to use that as an excuse to ... yanno, live?



Oh man, this is a word that I hate! It's a word that most people use when they are ... what? Better than everyone? What exactly is the meaning of 'swag'? Who knows!


That's so Gay

Now, this is actually a phrase that most people should quit right away -- it can be offensive to those that are actually gay! Why use something that is offensive? Let's quit using this phrase right now!


Like a Boss

If you feel like you are a boss -- don't spread the word about it, okay? Seriously, this phrase is something that everyone needs to just stop using all together!


That's What She Said

You might think that it's really funny to add 'that's what she said' after everything but really girls, it isn't! This is a phrase that should have died oh-so-long ago.



Finally, legit is the last word that people just need to retire. The fact that it's not used in the correct format drives me nuts! It's horrible!

If you’re looking for the right words to say, quit spewing out what’s mentioned in this list. How would you like it if I wrote an article double downed with the next level of ratchet superfoods and awesome sauce? On behalf of your listeners and readers, thank you in advance for giving up these words. What other words would you add to this list?

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I agree with the comments about stopping the use of YOLO

When people say " like a boss" gah!!!! Quit it!

I love some of these but I guess it's a matter of opinion. The only one I dislike is it is what it is, my mom and my ex's favorite phrase, it's just negative. I feel like most of them are just fun and the phrase ain't nobody got time for that isn't literal it's playful!

"at the end of the day" drives me nuts. Totally overused,in my opinion!

I can't stand when people say "ain't nobody got time for that, "awesome sauce"

The "Ain't nobody got time for that" I agree with but it comes from a remix on utube (just letting the people know who don't know what that is)

I would also suggest the constant use of the "I don't know" phrase that everyone likes to use.

YOLO " you only live once" , I think that is a retarted excuse for teenagers these days to get away with inappropriate things .

People need to stop using YOLO

When people say "ain't nobody got time for that" they are just using it as a joke and whenever I'm in class and someone says it the room is very light and full of joy and its so popular that even my teachers started saying it. But barely anyone ever says that phras easy more where I live so yeah.

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