7 Cool Words about Words for Your Inner Logophile ...


It's always fun to learn new words and phrases, especially cool words about words! It's so easy to over look this amazing group of words, because we're so busy learning long and intricate words, idioms, and even slang. Rarely do we think about the group of words that define other words. If you're interested in learning these cool words about words, below are 7 of them that your inner logophile will love. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Wordnap

Definition: "To apply a new meaning or usage to an existing word." "Wordnap" is one of the funniest cool words about words out there! It was coined by Richard Lederer by putting together the words "word" and "kidnap"! An example of a wordnap would be to refer to a smile using the word "cheese." "Cheese" already refers to the edible cheese, but the person who coined the word "cheese" to mean "smile", that person wordnapped! Cool, huh?