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17 Common Canadian Words You Should Steal ...

By Holly

If you've never set foot in Canada, there are a few words you probably haven't heard before. After all, every country has their own unique phrases. Here are a few common Canadian words we should all start using:

1 Tuque

physical fitness, This is a beanie. So the next time you put one on your head, try asking everyone if they like your "tuque" and see how they respond to you.

2 Hoser

Hoser This is an insult. It's the equivalent of "idiot," so if you're fed up with one of your friends, you can try calling them a hoser and see how they respond.

3 Runners

Runners These are pretty self-explanatory. They're "sneakers." It makes sense, doesn't it? After all, you have to put on your runners in order to go for a run.

4 Parkade

car, vehicle, land vehicle, bmw, wheel, This is a "parking garage." It sounds a little more interesting than the word Americans are used to using.

5 Pencil Crayon

Pencil Crayon You can probably guess what this word means. It's just a "colored pencil." Of course, "pencil crayon" makes just as much sense.

6 Gasbar

Gasbar This is what Canadians call the "gas station," but it's a lot more fun than our word for it. After all, when you fill up your tank, you're basically at a bar for your car.

7 Fire Hall

Fire Hall This is a "fire station." It isn't all that different than the word that Americans use for it.

8 All-dressed

speech, RAPO, This is a word you'd use to describe the way you want your food to be seasoned. So if you wanted a hot dog with everything on it, you'd say you wanted it "all-dressed."

9 Freezies

Freezies You might know these as "otter pops." They're basically flavored strips of ice that come in plastic. However, "otter pops" don't make much sense while "freezies" describes the frozen treat pretty accurately.

10 Stagette
This is what you might call a "bachelorette party" or a "hen party." It's what a woman will do with her friends right before she gets married.

11 Rink Rat

Rink Rat It's no secret that Canadians love hockey. That's why they have a term like this. A "rink rat" is someone who loves spending time in the ice rink.

12 Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar We refer to pieces of pure chocolate as chocolate bars. However, in Canada, they'll refer to other types of candy bars, like Snickers, as chocolate bars.

13 Track Pants

Track Pants These are simply "sweatpants." Just like runners, they make perfect sense, because you'll put on your track pants before running around a track.

14 Rubber

mural, cartoon, art, graffiti, screenshot, This one is used in a few countries. No, it's not a condom. It's an "eraser."

15 Homo Millk

sense, cook, This has nothing to do with sexuality. It's what Canadians call their "homogenized whole milk."

16 Queue

Queue When you're stuck standing in a line, you could call it a "queue" instead. This word is used in quite a few countries, so most people will know what you're talking about without asking you to explain it to them.

17 Housecoat

Housecoat This is what some Canadians call their "robes." It sounds a lot fancier than the word that Americans use.

If you ever get the chance to visit Canada, take it. It's a beautiful country with super sweet people! What other common Canadian words do you use in everyday life?

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