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7 Technology Etiquette Tips That You Should Know and Follow ...

By Chelsie

Saying please and thank you and sending thank you cards when you receive gifts are common polite things to do, but when it comes to technology etiquette, it is not always easy to know what is polite and what isn’t. Technology is a part of your life every day. Whether you send emails, texts or talk on the phone, you are using technology to communicate with people. Since it is used every day, it is easy to accidentally offend someone with the way you communicate with technology. If you follow these technology etiquette tips you are sure to remain polite.

1 Returning Emails

Everyone gets inundated with emails, and it can seem overwhelming to get to all of them, yet it is important to respond as promptly as possible. Generally speaking, it is good to respond within 24 hours. Letting an email sit unanswered for days can make it appear like you are ignoring the other person. If you want to be up on your technology etiquette try to return emails promptly.

2 Sending Emails

When you are sending an email it is important to remember your audience. Emails can seem very casual, but if you are sending an email to someone at work or a teacher, you need to write in a more formal manner. You want to appear professional, so write these emails as if you were writing a letter. Save the quick notes and emoticons for friends and family members.

3 Posting Pictures

Sharing your pictures on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to stay connected with people and let them know what you are up to. If however, you are posting group pictures, especially group pictures involving alcohol and partying, it is important to make sure it is okay with everyone. Not everyone wants their social antics posted for the world to see.

4 Texting during a Conversation

Even if you can text and talk to someone at the same time, it is best to save the texting for when you are not having a conversation. Texting while you are talking to someone makes it appear as if you are not interested in what they are saying, and it can come off as rude. To avoid appearing rude, give the person your full attention.

5 Texting at the Dinner Table

It is a good idea not to take your phone with you to the dinner table so you won't be tempted to text while you eat. You may not mean anything by it, but when you text while having dinner it makes it seem as if you would rather be somewhere else. This might be true on occasion, but try to remember that someone went to the trouble of preparing a meal for you.

6 Talking While Checking out at Stores

Cell phones are great. You can make a phone call whenever you want, even when you are shopping. While not everyone appreciates hearing other peoples’ conversations while shopping, it is especially rude to talk when you are checking out. When you reach the cashier, put your phone away. Giving the cashier attention and saying thank you shows them courtesy and respect, and it is hard to do this if you are talking on the phone.

7 Talking in Restaurants

When you are at a restaurant, you should refrain from talking on your phone. If you need to talk on your phone, excuse yourself from the table and go outside or to the lobby to make your call. Try to remember that people go to a restaurant to relax, not to listen to other people’s phone conversations.

Technology is great; you can reach anyone in a moment’s notice. As great as technology is, it is important to remain polite when you are using technology. Do you have any technology etiquette tips?

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