7 Reasons Why Social Media is Ruining Our Lives ...


7 Reasons Why Social Media is Ruining Our Lives ...
7 Reasons Why Social Media is Ruining Our Lives ...

Have you ever thought about how social media is ruining our lives? Big statement, I know. I know all the good things about it already, and I know we probably couldn't live without it nowadays. But isn't that kind of sad? I'm someone who uses social media to stay in the loop, not because I really enjoy it. It's taking over everything! That being said, I'm sure I won't be alone in thinking how social media is ruining our lives – and these are just some of the reasons!

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In the Moment

So, how social media is ruining our lives – well, do you remember the last time you were out and didn’t glance at your phone during that time? In fact, how often are we actually 'in the moment' anymore? With so many people having smartphones and tablets now, we have a near constant connection to our Facebooks and Twitters, wherever we are. But why are you spending your time updating your status and tweeting? Enjoy where you are! Who cares what's going on online? Why not check it later when you get home?


Obsessive Checking

That brings me onto my next point - do you know anyone who checks their Facebook or whatever every five minutes or so? Or is constantly online? People have admitted to being actually addicted to their social media accounts. Sometimes everyone - and I mean everyone - has to switch off sometimes...before you go crazy.


I'm Sorry...who Are You?

I think what we can often forget - when there's a nice picture and lots of information - that you can become literally anyone online. You can create fake profiles, become a totally different person if you want. Of course, I'm not saying this always means something sinister, but it can do sometimes. Or, it can be something as trivial as the guy you arranged to go on a date with doesn't actually look much like his picture. It must have been a very, very good day when that was taken.


Let's Be Friends

If a completely random person came up to you on the street and asked to be your friend, would you say yeah, let's grab a coffee? Or would you put your head down and edge away, thinking why is it always me that attracts the weirdos? What if a completely random person asked to be your friend on Facebook?



You may not want to admit it, but I'm pretty certain we all stalk people via social media. You can learn so much about a person from the Internet now, it boggles my mind! New guy on the scene? Go online and you could potentially find out about his friends, family, past girlfriends. In fact, you could end up making a decisive judgement about that person before giving them a chance. Ex-boyfriend? Obsessively checking his twitter to see what he's up to. Is that a new girl he's been tagged in a photo with?! Who is she? Is she better looking than me? And so it goes on.



For me, this is absolutely the worst thing about social media. It’s so easy for horrible people to hide behind a computer screen and say terrible things they wouldn't be brave enough to say in reality. Trolling, cyber bullying - it's opened up a whole new world of nastiness and cruelty.


Don't Forget about Real People

It's so easy to keep in touch with people with social media, and that's one of the best things about it. Having said that, that also means it’s all too easy to be tempted into conversing via the Internet than in real life. Remember, it's great to chat that way - but nothing can beat a face-to-face conversation!

Having said all that, I do still have Facebook and I have no plans to delete it. I just think it's good sometimes to remind ourselves not to get too caught up in the online personalities we create for ourselves. What do you think of our reliance on our social media accounts?

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@Elissa so true :)

I have a FaceBook account but only because my husband set it up for me. He and my adult daughter are somewhat obsessed. Personally I prefer texting. I did read an article once saying the pastor of a church told the congregation to delete their FB accts because its supposedly shown to make the divorce rate higher. I can see where that could happen. On the other hand, I had briefly met my husband in person then came across him on MySpace, then contacted him. We have been married 6 1/2 years now so I suppose it can be bad or good depending on each individuals intentions.

I only have a mobile phone made by a firm called Doro, designed for the over sixties. I only use it for texting or making a call. There is nothing wrong with social media. It is how how people use it and sadly many use it for their own wicked ends. What trolls and stalkers see as a laugh by spreading untruths ruins people. They lose their jobs, friends and family. Often it results in suicides. I have a facebook and LinkedIin account to communicate with friends with whom I cannot talk to face to face because of distance. I use social media for seeking information too. The golden rules when using social media is 1, Keep your facebook (or any other social media) set to private so only friends can see your posts. 2/ Think before you post anything. 3/ If you don't want them to know it. Don't post it. I'm not saying these things will protect you one hundred per cent, but it will help. If there is one thing that irritates me and that is seeing people with their eyes glued to their phones and tablets. If I am making a long journey. I take a book. It's good for the brain. It will provide the mechanism to help one think for themselves. As for my mobile phone, it is my walky-talky.

I totally agree.... These days I m so lazy to make face to face meetup, I just text.... Even talking on the phone seems like work

so true... thats why i dont have anything haha its better to be different anyway :p

I only have a snap chat, and that was something I got so I could share pics of my new baby bro with my family and friends.

I understand where this article is coming from completely. Times have changed, Internet is the new thing and has been for some time and don't it will ever will go away. I admit to being addicted to a social network, for me, it's tumblr. But every now and then, like the article said, we need to break away from our social networks and just live 'in the moment' .

this is a very specific and nice excerpt fool

I'm not a big fan of talking on the phone bc I always feeling someone is intruding on my time if I'm doing something. Most of the people I know don't know how to take a hint that I'm ready to say goodbye... With texting I don't feel so barged in on....

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