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15 Excellent Reasons to Quit Facebook ...

By Lisa

Do you know anyone who has stopped using Facebook and it’s got you thinking of reasons to quit Facebook? Some people couldn’t imagine their lives without Facebook, but I think everyone has pondered the thought at one time or another, and I found 8 excellent reasons to quit Facebook that might actually convince you to delete your account too…

1 Privacy Please

Privacy, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest reasons to quit Facebook for many people. Facebook’s privacy policy has always been somewhat controversial and many people don’t like the idea of their info being used for Facebook’s benefit. People also complain that it’s difficult to completely delete your account, whereas it’s very easy to deactivate your account where all information on your profile is saved.

2 Get Personal

Social media can sometimes eliminate the need to call or see people, which many people see as a reason to quit Facebook. If writing on walls and private messaging on Facebook has replaced all communication with friends, it might be time to give it a break and reconnect on a more personal level! Get offline and call people up to get status updates!

3 Time Flies

Let’s face it, Facebook can be a huge time waster and many people have found that to be one of the top reasons to quit Facebook. You log on to see your notifications and before you know it, you’re getting instant messages, private messages and looking at your friend’s vacation photos and hours have passed! Use that time to do something nice for yourself or someone else instead of just zoning out in front of your computer!

4 Playing Tag

Another benefit to quitting Facebook is that you’ll no longer have to worry about getting tagged in any embarrassing photos or getting tagged in locations that you want to keep private. I’ve had high school friends tag me in photos from many years ago and I am not trying to relive those moments! If you’re friends with co-workers or your boss, they have full access to your personal life and if you happen to play hooky from work and you check in to the spa-you’re caught!


I think one of the best reasons to quit Facebook is that you won’t be overwhelmed with information about anything and everything. Facebook can document every little thing you and your 500+ friends do and it can be a little much on a daily basis. I think we all have those friends who share too much information and post updates of their day all day or post things that are way too personal for Facebook!

6 Compare and Contrast

Another excellent reason to quit Facebook is that many people end up comparing their lives to others and end up feeling bad about themselves. If you go through your news feed and feel like everyone is out living it up or accomplishing all these great things while you’re living at home or you’re stuck at a job you hate, this can easily get to you and get old fast!

7 Request Denied

All of those annoying game requests and event invites can be enough reason to quit Facebook for some. A lot of people take their Facebook games seriously and get annoyed when you don’t respond to their game requests or random people can name you as a host for events that you know nothing about. I was once listed as a host for a free iPhone giveaway, which was obviously a scam that I wanted nothing to do with, but I couldn’t remove my name off of the event-so annoying!

8 Stalker Tendencies

Whether you’re the one being stalked or you’re Facebook stalking someone else, it’s just another one of the excellent reasons to quit Facebook. Cyberstalking is creepy! There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting caught stalking someone’s wall and admittedly knowing things about them that they haven’t told you yet!

9 You Don’t Actually Know Your “Friends”

When you first started your Facebook account, you became friends with your actual friends, family members, and co-workers. However, it wasn’t soon after that friends of friends, old high school or college buddies, and even cyber friends became part of your circle of people you accepted on Facebook. Now it’s starting to get out of control and you don’t know who half of these people actually are! When you reach 500 plus people and most of them you have never met in person, it may be a good time to consider quitting Facebook, my friend!

10 You Complain Too Much

You promised yourself that Facebook was only going to be a place to stay in touch with long distance family and friends. But instead of just checking in to see how Aunt Betty is doing in Florida or Julie is doing at college, you use Facebook as your personal journal where you bitch and complain about all of your problems. If this sounds like you, shut it down and shut it down now!

11 Foodbook

Oh, you know what I mean, don’t deny it! You are the person who has turned Facebook into Foodbook! Not only are you updating your status to tell all of your friends what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you are now using Instagram to show everyone what you’re munching on! If you’re checking out the new local pub in town that serves the most amazing burger, I’m all for helping out the little guy. However, if you are constantly telling your friends what you eat, you may want to give Facebook a break.

12 You Need Them to like You

Have you been waiting all day for someone to like your Facebook status or your new photo? If you are constantly checking in to see if someone has finally given you a “like,” then it may be a sign that you need to quit Facebook. You don’t need anyone to give you a “like,” you are an amazing person and you shouldn’t be sitting around waiting for your “friends” to make your day better. Go out and make it better for yourself.

13 Stress

Is Facebook giving you more stress than you’ve ever had before? Are you up in the middle of the night arguing with someone on there, unfriending people who disagree with you, or getting annoyed by the comments your family leaves on your page? If your blood pressure rises every time you sign on to Facebook, then do a good thing for yourself and step away forever.

14 Life Looks More Perfect

We all do it, some just won’t admit to it. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we all have a tendency to make our lives look more perfect than they really are. You know the friend who always compliments her husband on Facebook, not just once but three to four times a day? It’s not to say that she has a horrible husband or marriage, but in reality they probably argue just like everyone else does. However, you don’t hear about that because everything on Facebook is perfect. Always remember, the grass is greener where you mow it!

15 Inspire Others

When you quit Facebook you’ll inspire others to do the same. If you’re a teen reading this, show your friends how relaxing life feels now that you’ve shut down Facebook. You’re offline and outside where you get to enjoy more family time, walks with your dog, fresh air, and face to face interaction with your friends.. You’re no longer online arguing with someone who doesn’t like your status or begging your friend to take down the photo she tagged you in.

Facebook can be a fun way to connect with people from around the world and keep up with childhood friends but if you find yourself getting stressed or frequently annoyed after logging on, think about these reasons to quit Facebook or just take a break from it and see if you feel differently about it. You might be surprised at how much easier your life is without it! Have you stepped up and quit Facebook yet?

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