7 Sure Signs You're Addicted to Social Media ...

Do you know there are signs you’re addicted to social media? The good news is that if you are addicted, there are things that you can do to deal with that. Social media is an awesome thing but it is something we also need to keep in proper perspective. Be on the lookout for signs you’re addicted to social media and if you think you might be, make some changes to help you deal with that.

1. You Check It First Thing in the Morning

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One of the mildest signs you are addicted to social media is if you check it first thing in the morning. This isn’t a definite sign; for some of us, it is just a habit we enjoy while we are waking up. But if it is coupled along with some of the other signs you’re addicted to social media listed here, it may be something you need to work on. Another sign that runs right along with this one is checking it in the middle of the night. Try to break yourself from this, even if it is just for a week to give yourself some free mental space.

2. How Many Page Visits You Have a Day

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How often do you visit your social media sites? Most people check in from time to time throughout the day but if you find that you are constantly on your social media, that may be an issue. Do you feel the need to leave your social media pages up constantly so you don’t miss anything at all on them? If so, you may have an addiction issue. Challenge yourself to only visit these sites once a day and see how you do.

3. You Can’t do Anything without Sharing It

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Okay, we all love to post good things that are happening in our life or check in from time to time. But if you cannot do anything at all without sharing it on social media, this can be an issue. Try to focus on sharing important moments that are happening in your life face to face with those you are close to and see how much richer that experience is. Look back and see how often you tend to post things. That can give you a hint if you have a bit of a social media addiction issue.

4. Your Friends Use That as the Only Way to Get Hold of You

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If your friends know that the best way to get hold of you is through social media then that could be a sign of addiction. Of course, it could also be that maybe you don’t have a cell signal at your home or some other unique circumstances. Sometimes we choose to use social media to communicate because of the convenience of it. For example, I often message a cousin on there because I know it is something she can get to in her own personal time frame. I think the main point here is that if all your friends know that social media is something you are highly involved in then it may be a sign of social media addiction.

5. You Want to Beat Just One More Level Several Times a Day

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Going hand in hand with social media are the games that many people get hooked on. If you find that you are being driven back to social media in hopes of beating just one more level, this could be a sign of addiction. Anytime that you find something is taking more and more of your time, it is time to evaluate that and see if you need to make any changes. I will confess that I have never started playing games on social media because I have been afraid that I would become addicted to them. If you think you might have a weakness for them, don’t start playing them in the first place.

6. It is Your First Choice of Recreation

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If you have a few minutes, do you automatically hit up social media? I admit that I do a lot of times, but there are other times that I read, work out, watch a good movie or do other activities. It is fine if social media is something you enjoy for recreation because after all, that is a big part of it. However, if all you ever really want to do is be on social media, that is a pretty high sign of addiction to it.

7. It is the Main Thing You Use Internet for

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If social media is the only thing or the main thing you use internet for, you may need to evaluate how important it is to you and if there is an addiction there. There are so many things you can do on the internet. It is impossible to name all of the possibilities. Challenge yourself to use the internet today and not check into social media and see how you do. It may be very enlightening to you.

Social media is great and it can be a lot of fun, but it can also take over our lives if we are not careful with it. Do you have any signs of addiction to social media? Are there other signs you can think of?

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