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7 Sure Signs You Should Live Alone ...

By Alison

There are a number of signs you should live alone. Some people really aren't suited to cohabiting with other humans; you may be one of them. What are the indications that you should live in an isolated environment? Here are the signs you should live alone - other people will thank you for not inflicting yourself on them …

1 You Don't do Mornings

One of the strongest signs you should live alone is that you're not a morning person. If you're not human until you've had your fifth cup of coffee, then spare anyone else the horror of confronting your caffeine-deprived face. Your personality won't be too pleasant either if your partner/roommate gets up early. Avoid compatibility issues and live alone instead.

2 You like Your Space

Do you like to shut the door on the world when you get home? Then don't share. People who like their space get very irate when it's invaded. There is nothing more irritating than other people occupying space and leaving their dirty laundry or dishes around. Even the slightest evidence of someone else's presence is irritating to this type of person.


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3 You Own a Lot

Is your book/shoe/mug collection threatening to spill over into the next street? Does your wardrobe need its own zip code? When you have so many clothes that you could open a store, there really isn't room for another person. Any space in your home is better put to storing your belongings. Humans can look after themselves.

4 You Prefer Pets

Are "Mad Cat Woman" jokes frequently made at your expense? Do you have so many stray dogs that you're thinking of opening your own shelter? If you often mutter that you prefer animals to humans, you may be infinitely better suited to living alone (aside from all the pets). Pets may shed a lot more hair, but are probably nicer than most people anyway.

5 Guests Drive You Mad

If you loathe having guests for even a few hours, and always make excuses to avoid having anyone stay over, that really confirms that solo living is by far the best option for you. Maybe you should just build a moat around your house and fill it with alligators. It will be a handy deterrent for all those annoying people who persist in ignoring the "KEEP OUT" signs.

6 Ignore the Door

Has someone bought you a sign that says "Beware of the Owner"? Do you hate people calling at your door and snap at any unexpected visitors? If you don't need a guard dog because you're far scarier than any Rottweiler could possibly be, this may well be a good indication that you loathe company. Move to the middle of nowhere and be an official recluse.

7 You Hate Compromise

Sharing your home with someone else, be it a partner or roommate, involves compromises. You have to sort out small details and larger issues, and reach an agreement that everyone is happy with. If the thought of making compromises annoys you, and you like to have everything your own way, then avoid the inevitable problems by living alone.

Humans are generally considered to be sociable creatures, but there are more than a few exceptions to the rule. The great advantage of living alone is that you can do what you please. If you want to paint the house purple or sleep all day, you can. It's all your space - every inch! Would you love to live alone or do you prefer to be surrounded by people?

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