7 Signs You Are Not a Morning Person ...

By Vladlena

Do you recognize the common signs you are not a morning person? A person can belong to only one of the two groups of people in this world: morning birds and night owls. While morning birds are up and early starting on their daily routine before the sun rises, night owls get most of their chores done at night and tend to sleep in in the morning. However if you are not completely sure if the signs you are not a morning person apply to you, keep on reading.

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You Set up Multiple Alarms

If you know that one alarm will not be sufficient enough to get you up from bed, you can consider yourself as part of the night owl pack. Trust me you are not the only person who has to set up various alarms several minutes apart just to make sure you are not late for work or school. It can be tough but sometimes you have to take drastic measures to resist the urge of going back to your comfortable and welcoming bed! Be aware - setting multiple alarms is one of the first signs you are not a morning person.


You Often Go Back to Sleep

If you often give in to the urge of going back to sleep for ‘five more minutes’, you are definitely a night owl. Morning birds naturally wake up and have no problem leaving the bed the second they open up their eyes. I wonder how it feels to not have to face the struggle of battling your own body.


It Takes You 10-15 Minutes to Leave the Bed

Night owls usually take some time before physically getting up from bed. It might take anywhere from 10-20 minutes before we can actually step onto the floor. While some just take that time to relax and open up their eyes, I usually check my email and social media; in a way it helps me to wake up!


You Avoid Human Contact

If you are anything like me, you avoid any human contact early in the morning. Personally I just get irritated easily if I have not completely woken up. I am so used to being the only one awake at 6 am that if anyone else wakes up at the same time, I usually just run into my room and get myself ready to face the world like a normal human being.


Your Brain Can’t Function Early in the Morning

It takes a lot for night owls to wake up early in the morning, which is why sometimes we need to take a little time before our brain starts to fully function. It is almost impossible to expect us to be at our peak right after waking up!

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You Are Most Productive at Night

Morning people are usually the most productive in the morning. They wake up early, get things done and take the evening time to relax. On the other hand, night owls choose to relax in the morning and complete tasks later in the day. Although our schedule is reversed, we can actually still be productive and successful!


You Grab the First Thing You See for Breakfast

Do you carefully prepare your breakfast in the morning or just grab the first thing you see? If you tend to do the latter, unfortunately you are not a morning person. However not to worry, there is nothing wrong with wanting a quick breakfast without a hassle. That’s what many of us do!

If you can relate to the majority of these tips, you definitely belong to the night owls. Personally I believe there is nothing wrong with that; we just prefer quiet nights to early mornings! What group do you personally belong to? Night owls or morning birds?

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I do all these! Lol #3 if I don't look through my phone in the morning I pass out starring at the bright screen adjusts my eyes & scrolling through social media keeps my attention to stay awake

Confirmed....I'm a night owl!!!

Lol that's soo me

I knew I wasn't a morning person, but I guess I needed confirmation hahaha

This is me all the way! LOL

Night owl - always and forever, I guess. Just my nature :)

Totally Me!

This is me on Monday mornings after a long weekend! Lol

Definitely not a morning person

Every. Last. One. LOL but like I didn't already know I'm a night owl