7 Absolutely Undeniable Signs You're an Introvert ...

Alicia Fannin

7 Absolutely Undeniable Signs You're an Introvert ...

Do you want to know what the signs you’re an introvert are? I can fill you in on that. I realized long ago that I am a definite introvert and I have happily made my peace with that. It can actually be a wonderful thing and there is nothing wrong with it. Let’s talk a bit to see if you have any of these signs you’re an introvert.

1 You Enjoy Quiet

One of the signs you’re an introvert is that you enjoy the quiet. Everyone can enjoy the quiet whether they are in introvert or an extrovert, but an introvert enjoys it in a very unique way. They deeply crave quiet. Quiet energizes them and makes them feel ready to tackle life again.

2 Social Situations Stress You

Another sign that you are an introvert is that social situations stress you. Most introverts can make it through them. I can fake my way through almost any social situation and be quite outgoing when I feel I need to be. But that does not mean that it is comfortable for me. I am usually relieved when I have gotten through a social situation and can retreat back to my quiet little world.

3 You Have to Have Recovery Time

For extroverts, social situations energize them. For introverts, social situations can drain them. They need recovery time to get back to themselves, to feel like their normal self again. They may want to find a way to get off by themselves after a social event to just hear their own thoughts again. That is okay. Both being an introvert or an extrovert are perfectly acceptable types of personalities.

4 You Would Rather Be Home

An introvert would usually rather be home than anywhere else in the world. Even if they go to some kind of get together or party, they can have a great time but they would generally rather be home. Introverts are homebodies. They are the people whom you have to drag out on Friday night. They are so much more content curled up with a good book or a favorite movie.

5 A Surprise Party Would Be the End of the World

A surprise party is not a dream come true for an introvert. They do not enjoy being the center of all of that focused attention. An introvert does not like all that fuss made over them. While the gesture is appreciated, a surprise party is not an introvert’s cup of tea. A quiet celebration with family and a few close friends is more than enough for them.

6 You Have a Select Few in Your Circle of Friends

Introverts do need and want friends and when they find them, they are fiercely loyal. But introverts focus more on the quality of their friendships than the quantity of them. It is not about how many friends they have. It is about the kinds of friends they have. They choose their friends carefully but once their friends are chosen, they are quite devoted to them.

7 You Would Rather Interact One-on-one

If you are an introvert, you would rather interact with others one-on-one instead of in a huge group setting. You can usually chat with one or two individuals and feel perfectly comfortable. You more than likely enjoy that one-on-one interaction. However, a huge group can throw you off. You tend to cling to small group settings instead of big gatherings if given the choice.

These signs can help you to identify if you are an introvert or not. Are you an introvert? What other signs of being an introvert do you have?