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Signs to Look for That Show You Are Arrogant and Don't Even Realize It ...

By Alicia

Do you know that there are signs you are arrogant that you may have and not even realize it? Having one or two of these signs does not necessarily mean you are arrogant but if nearly every one is hitting home, it may be time for some self-evaluation. The good thing is that we can always change anything we don’t like about ourselves and we are always evolving. If you have these signs you are arrogant you can use that information as inspiration to work on yourself if you so choose.

1 People Don’t Flock to You

There are a lot of reasons that people may not flock to you. It might be that you are just incredibly introverted or that you feel awkward around people. It could be for a variety of reasons. But it could also be one of the signs you are arrogant. People will generally avoid you if you are arrogant. No one enjoys being around someone who seems to see themselves as better than others.

2 You Seem to Offend a Lot of People

Arrogant people seem to have a knack for offending others. Do you find that you offend people a lot? Again, it may or may not be a sign of arrogance. It could be a sign that you have a strong personality in other aspects or that you are just hanging with an overly sensitive person or group of people. But it can be beneficial to take time to consider why people are easily offended with you. It can offer you valuable information.

3 People Tend to Tell You They Have Things under Control

Do people often tell you they have things other control? Do they make comments to let you know they have things covered? That is a way that they are trying to let you know they don’t need what you may perceive as your expertise. In other words, they want you to butt out. You may think you know best but others don’t necessarily agree.

4 You Really Believe You Know Better than Others

This goes hand in hand with point number 3. This is a very big sign of arrogance. If you really believe that you know better than others in most or all different situations, you are probably struggling with arrogance. Most of us encounter a few situations we feel this way about from time to time but if this is your first and main reaction to almost everyone you know and situations in their life, it is probably a flag to check for arrogance in your personality.

5 You Are Constantly Late

This one may signal arrogance. It also may signal that you just have a problem with being punctual or that you underestimate how long it takes you to get ready. One reason it can be a sign of arrogance is that it can signal that a person feels their time is more valuable than others'. If you feel like others should just wait on you, you may have a problem with arrogance. This is something only you can determine about yourself.

6 You Interrupt Others a Lot

Sometimes people interrupt others a lot just because it is a bad habit. Sometimes they just do it unintentionally and without thought. But sometimes people interrupt because they feel like what they have to say is more important than what someone else is saying. They think that the importance of their statement gives them the right to talk over someone. That is a sign of arrogance.

7 You Truly Believe You Are Better than Others

If you not only think that you know better than others but that you are better than others, you have some huge signs you may struggle with arrogance. An arrogant person sees themselves as above others. They may see themselves as above others in looks, intelligence, actions or many other ways. It is good to have good self-esteem and know what you excel at but if you think you are better than others in all ways, stop and take a good look at yourself. You may find some arrogance there.

These things can be really hard to hear and harder still to admit, but if you don’t know you can’t change. Has arrogance ever been a problem for you? Do you know an arrogant person with some of these characteristics?

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