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7 Signs You Are Making the Right Decision ...

By Vladlena

When faced with a difficult situation, all you hope for are signs you are making the right decision. Sometimes you are pulled in so many directions that you really can’t make up your mind. As a very indecisive person who overanalyzes every decision and thinks through every detail, I understand what you are going through. However sometimes you just have to go with your gut and wait for the signs you are making the right decision show their worth.

1 You Weighted out All of Your Options

One of the first signs you are making the right decision is that you have weighted up all of your options. Making difficult choices is not easy as they may carry many consequences with them. For example if you are deciding on what college you want to attend, you will be making a conscious decision of where you will spend the next four years of your life. Listing your options and even going through pros and cons would not be such a bad idea.

2 You Listened to Your Instincts

In the end you are always recommended to listen to your instincts and your gut. So if you have based your decision on what they are telling you, it is more than likely that you hit the jackpot. From experience, I have learned that when in doubt do what your instinct tells you to do. Trust me you won’t regret it.

3 Your Family and Friends Support You

Sometimes making the right decision requires more than one person. Your friends and family can make valuable input to your dilemma so don’t be afraid to approach them with your problems. Once you come to a solution, you will definitely feel better about your decision.

4 You Thought of Long-term Consequences

Whenever making a decision, you always have to think how it will affect you long term. Will you be happy a couple of months or years from now? Will this decision bring your closer to your goal? If yes, then don’t be hesitant, but if it is a no, you still have some time to think through the situation from every aspect.

5 You Took a Considerable Amount of Time

While sometimes you are better off making your decision right on the spot, other times taking your time is more beneficial. You get the opportunity to really think on everything with a fresh mind instead of jumping at the first answer and panicking. Putting some time between now and when actually making the decision can be a lifesaver.

6 Your Mind is at Peace

Once you have made your final decision, one clear sign that you’ve made the right one is that your mind is at peace. You can finally stop stressing about what to do and sleep well at night. When your mind and body are calm, don’t question the decision that you have just made.

7 Positive Things Begin to Unfold

Once positive things begin to present themselves in your life, it is obvious that you have previously made the right decisions. Once things begin to look up for you, you know that you can attribute this success to yourself! Nothing is more rewarding after a stressful and an indecisive period than picking the right path for yourself.

We have all made difficult decisions regarding family, friends, school, finance and career, and we have all questioned whether we have made the right choices. While you can never be sure, there are some signs that begin to present themselves after whether they are positive or negative. How did you know how to make the right decision when you last encountered one?

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