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Did you ever wonder if some of your habits are actually signs you might be an entrepreneur? Or have you been thinking about starting your own company recently? Nowadays, anyone in this world can become an entrepreneur and it may even be easier to start up something now than what it has been in the past. These are 7 signs you might be an entrepreneur.

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You Need to Be Challenged

While challenges are seen as problems to some people, they are fuel to you. You need new challenges to function properly and to remain interested in what you do. It’s sometimes difficult for your colleagues or boss to keep up with you, because you get bored rather easily. As an entrepreneur, you have the power to create as many challenges as you want for yourself, and so needing challenges is one of the signs you might be an entrepreneur.


You’re a Rebel

You like to break the rules and do things differently, in a way that no one has ever done or even thought of. You don’t think inside boxes, and procedures only look good on paper to you. In your career, your boss has sometimes labeled you as problematic, yet s/he didn’t know if what you were doing was right or wrong. After all, you get the job done using your own unique way.


You Want to Optimize Everything

Continuously wanting to optimize everything in life might be a sign that you’re an entrepreneur. Your guy or flat mate gets tired of you optimizing the kitchen cabinets every now and then, and at work, you’re always trying to find ways to improve things. You are known to acknowledge accomplishments for only a short while, before getting ready for the next step.


You Hate Authority

Did you have trouble following your parents' rules? Did teachers in school think you were a nightmare? And is your boss still trying to figure out how to manage you? Your resistance towards authority is a clear sign that you might be an entrepreneur. Being your own boss sounds great to you, because you make your decisions yourself without having to justify it to someone above you.


You Build Relationships

You know people. Wherever you go, you’re able to establish relationships with people from every background. You keep their networking cards and you just love to catch up with them over a cup of coffee. Also, you see opportunities in collaborations every time you meet someone new, and if you’d get fired today, chances are that your network will land you another job tomorrow.


You’re Not 9-to-5

If you don’t care about a 9-to-5 job, you might be ready for entrepreneurship. Whenever you’re into a project, you have difficulties switching off your thoughts and you’ve often found yourself working outside office hours because you want to, not because your boss asked you to. Starting up a business and working on it seven days a week sounds like fun to you.


Job Security is Different to You

While most people say that working for a boss will give you job security, you see this differently. To you, you have security over your job as long as you are in control, whereas a normal job would leave your boss in control over your destiny. You don’t buy the whole job security thing and you’d rather secure your job by taking control of everything yourself.

Many starting entrepreneurs say that they should have started their business a long time ago, and more often than not, it’s difficult for them to ever go back to being an employee. However, being an entrepreneur doesn’t come easily, as you’ll need to be patient and persistent. After all, results (and profit) don’t come instantly. Do you think you’re ready for entrepreneurship?

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So true

I am a new young entrepreneur myself and this post is much appreciated.

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