9 Pretty Clear Signs That You Are Emotionally Intelligent ...


9 Pretty Clear Signs That You Are Emotionally Intelligent ...
9 Pretty Clear Signs That You Are Emotionally Intelligent ...

If you think that you have a high emotional intelligence coefficient and you haven’t taken any quizzes that could confirm your opinion, then just read on and discover some pretty obvious signs that you are emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence is one of the skills most people need nowadays to be successful. It influences the way we regulate our emotions, the way we respond to different things that happen around us and it basically affects every aspect of our lives. Psychologist Daniel Goleman, the author of “Emotional Intelligence” said that someone with a high emotional intelligence is more confident, is more focus on accomplishing their goals, is more adaptable and flexible and they will recover more quickly from stress. According to him, the five components of emotional intelligence are: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills and empathy. If you’re not sure how high your emotional intelligence coefficient is, here are a few pretty clear signs that you are emotionally intelligent:

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You Are Fascinated by Human Behavior

This is definitely one of those very clear signs that you are emotionally intelligent. If you’re always fascinated by human behavior, if you’re always wondering about the things that make other people tick, if you notice every little detail of their behavior like their dialect or their body language and if you are always trying to find out what makes them so special and unique, then all those are consequences of having a high emotional intelligence.


You Are a Good Leader

Daniel Goleman says that the thing most successful leaders have in common is a high emotional intelligence coefficient. Also, you are aware of the fact that it’s not enough to delegate all kinds of tasks and responsibilities to get things done properly if you are not willing to “walk the walk”. You like to lead by setting an example, you’re very talented, you have a good work ethic and you are very ambitious.


You Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, you do know your limitations and you are not ashamed to admit that you are not good at everything. You do know that you can improve yourself and correct those weaknesses and you are always being honest with yourself. This awareness will help you increase your self-confidence and just like Daniel Goleman says: “If you know what you’re truly effective at, then you can operate from that with confidence.”.


When You’re Upset, You Know Exactly Why

Since we experience so many feelings every single day, we don’t always realize why do we feel a certain way. If you usually try and manage to recognize where those emotions are coming from and you are not simply ignoring them, then you must have a high emotional intelligence coefficient. Emotionally intelligent people often examine the effect their feelings have on the way they behave and they try to not let themselves be influenced by their emotional states when they are making a decision.


You Are at Peace with Your past and You Don’t Obsesses over Your Future

Emotional intelligent people are usually at peace with their past and they don’t have too many regrets. They know that they did their best and if they made some mistakes, they just try to see what they can learn from them, so they won’t repeat them in the future. Also, they don’t obsess over their future and they don’t try to control every little thing around them because they know things won’t always go as planned and that life is actually an exciting adventure.

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You Are a Good Listener

Emotionally intelligent people are skilled listeners who know that hearing and listening are two different things. They actually care about what other people tell them and they always show empathy. They often use rephrasing to make sure that they haven’t missed any details and that nothing got lost in translation. Everyone can improve their listening skills since there are a lot of books on this topic; they just need to put a little work into it and with a bit of practice, they will master this skill in no time.


You Are Eager to Help People

Emotionally intelligent people don’t think only about themselves; they are always trying to help other people and they don’t need a reason to do it. You can do small things (that might sometimes seem insignificant) like helping someone carry their groceries or helping an old lady cross the street. All those things do matter for the ones you are helping, so don’t change this good habit of yours, no matter what others tell you!


You Understand Body Language

If you’re good at understanding body language, at “reading” other people based on their gestures, posture and different expressions, then you might have a high emotional intelligence coefficient. Also, you know that you can’t base your assumptions on body language alone (because you know that sometimes you might be wrong) and you do pay very close attention to what they are saying.


You Trust Your Instinct

Daniel Goleman says that “An emotionally intelligent person is someone who feels comfortable following their intuition.” so if you often trust your instinct, your emotions or your gut, then you must be one of those lucky people who has a high emotional intelligence.

There are a lot of things that can show you that you are in fact an emotionally intelligent person. I know I haven’t mentioned all of them in this little article, so can you give me a hand and tell me what other things should I add to this list? I can’t wait to hear your suggestions, so please tell us what you think in the comments section!


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I have a friend who thinks he is emotionally intelligent. He is very fond of saying so. But the only one of these that fit him is that he trusts his own instinct.

All of these signs describe me perfectly. I guess I'm an emotionally intelligent person! Awesome article!

I'm reading emotionl intelligence right now :)

I have something's to work on. I'm well on my way though!

Ironically, I would consider myself emotionally intelligent. However, some of these didn't match while others did strongly.

Ek I am only 7-9 I've got some things to work on :)

That's me!!😀

wow...this is soo me (as well apparently) enjoyed this article so.much! it hit the spot!

That is so me... Am I emotionally intelligent? Cooool✌️

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