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Arguments, fights, altercations, whatever it may be you should always find a reason to forgive, if they deserve it. Sometimes even after several fights, and you forgive them each time, people have the audacity to abuse their chances. How many times do you think you're allowed to forgive a person for their mistakes? For me, I believe in forgiving and never forgetting. Why you ask? Well, here are my reasons to forgive.

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Stress Free

One of my main reasons to forgive is to live a stress-free life. I believe in forgiving when a person truly understands their mistakes, and although I may forgive someone, I don't forget what they've done and instead I'm more cautious with my actions and words. For me, holding onto grudges and guilt just stresses me out. Instead, I forgive when it's necessary, and let go of those who I don't think are necessary in my life. NAMASTE!



Having fights and arguments or even just pondering about if I should forgive a person, let them go, or work it out gives me much anxiety! I don't like feeling overwhelmed; instead I like to sort out my problems and just move on from the situation. Anxiety and stress aren't healthy. Sometimes it's okay to let go of people whom you thought would always be in your life. Sometimes a break from one another is all the time you need to clear your thoughts, and heart. Remember people come and go, but true friends are always willing to work things out. Breathe, let go, and take time.



I used to give out chances like it was Halloween. I had to relearn and re-assess the situations I was in and see if forgiving was even worth any future heart aches and stresses. Just in daily life activities, I like to live my life in peace. Tranquility. No need for drama, or bad juju. Sometimes taking time for just yourself can settle all those second guesses, and questions that are just floating around in your thoughts. Take time for you, and you'll truly find if its even worth the energy. You state of mind is more important than any cray-cray drama!


Better Relationships!

There are other relationships out there whether it's romantic, friendship, work related, etc. It's always best to let go of those awful feelings against one another and start over. Sometimes when my husband and I get in a fight, we just can't stand one another. But with some fresh air apart, we come back and talk about it, work it out, apologize, forgive and start over. This creates a better and stronger relationship! I'm no relationship guru, but I know forgiving can do wonders!


New You

Forgiving gives a whole new meaning to who you are! Don't believe me? Watch, forgiving someone changes everyone (it should anyways), it makes you aware of things, and also brings light to things you need to work on whether its yourself, your relationship, friendship, etc. It brings a whole new you to the table. A new you where change is good! Sometimes you need a little ruckus to bring out a new you. Good or bad, always learn from whatever situation you're in to better yourself!


Better Themselves

Forgiving benefits both people: it gives the person who made the mistake a chance to learn and grow from their mistakes, and it changes who you are as well! Who doesn't want people to change for the better? I certainly do! Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes; but, sometimes a little support and forgiveness can give someone that thoughtful nudge to change and better themselves. And, although sometimes this may not always work, then you know when to give them the boot!



Forgiving someone is also giving them a new fresh chance and a new beginning, but, know when to stop forgiving too! Sometimes people take advantage of the I'm Sorry, It's Okay ritual! Always know when enough is enough, but, giving people a chance can also make a big difference. Sometimes a chance is all a person needs. So forgive.

It's not always easy to forgive someone, and there are a lot of other scenarios in which forgiveness isn't an option. And that's okay. Just always evaluate your situation, take time for yourself to think and do what you think is best for you, your health, and that relationship. Have you ever been put on the spot where you weren't sure to forgive? What situation do you think are unsuitable for forgiveness? What situation do you feel you should always forgive? Let me know!

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This article fits my current situation! I've been forgiving my bf so many times already. Always giving him new chances. The thing is, right now, I really a, tired. It's really the "I'm sorry"-"its okay" routine. Why say sorry if you repeat the same mistakes? Grrr. And I'm always so weak. After 1day of being mad, I go talk to him again. Cause i start to miss him. But i think its wrong, right? Cause i think he got used to that, so mistakes or fights happen again and again. Maybe he thinks, I won't get mad for too long anyway, that's why there is no effort anymore. :( sad..

I'm not a very forgiving person and I tend to hold grudges for a long time... But I have to admit that this is a pretty awesome article.

I agree on everything in fact of the people taking advantage of forgiveness i dont like it

What if we forgive but dont forget..

Thank you! This article is very useful)))

I dont hold grudges or anything like that but this article mentioned things Im personally going through right now & it looks like forgiveness is coming early this year for some people.

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