7 Rewarding Reasons to do Good Deeds ...


7 Rewarding Reasons to do Good Deeds ...
7 Rewarding Reasons to do Good Deeds ...

Doing good deeds isn´t just for saints, you know! The great thing about doing good deeds is that it has two positive results. Firstly, you´re helping someone else out and making a difference to their lives. Then as a bonus, you get to feel great about having done a good deed! Here are some excellent and rewarding reasons to do good deeds …

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Make a Difference

Whether you volunteer in an official capacity or simply help a neighbour out, doing good deeds can really make an incredible difference to someone else. Chatting with a lonely elderly person or caring for a disabled child so that his parents can have a break, doesn´t cost you anything but may mean a great deal to them.


Good Karma

Okay, one of the reasons to do good deeds is NOT in the hope that good things will come your way! But if you believe in karma, what you do comes back to you, whether good or bad. So if you help other people out, you´ll receive good things yourself.


Pay It Forward

Has someone ever done a really nice thing for you? One of the best reasons to do good deeds is to return the favour. But it doesn´t have to be for the same person. The pay it forward principle means that one person does something to help another person, who then does a favour for a third, who passes it on to a fourth, and so on.


Feels Good

When you do someone a good turn, it feels great. And there´s nothing at all wrong with that! Feeling good about yourself is really beneficial, and you´ll probably be even more keen to help people out. Plus you´ll have lots of karma coming your way as well!


Brighten Someone´s Day

Doing good deeds doesn´t necessarily mean making extravagant gestures. The smallest thing can brighten someone´s day. For example, complimenting a neighbour on their beautiful garden may cheer them up when they´re feeling down. Offering to do some shopping for an elderly person could be an enormous relief for them. Even thanking a shop assistant could brighten a dull day at work for them.


Because It´s Nice!

One of the best reasons to do a good deed is simply because it´s nice! Just think how you feel when someone pays you a compliment or does something to help you out. It feels really good! So do something for another person, for no reason other than this.


Improving the World

Let´s face it, there are enough problems in the world. So if we do each other a good turn as often as possible, it won´t cancel out all the bad stuff, but it will help to make the world just that little bit better. I think that´s a great reason for doing nice things. Being nice is laughed at, but there´s nothing wrong with it at all, and plenty that´s right.

I´ve given you some excellent reasons to do good deeds, so I hope they encourage you to get out there and act. We often forget that we are part of a community, and by doing good deeds we can enjoy knowing that we aren´t isolated units. Plus it can be an amazing boost for the people that we help. Have you ever done a good deed that went horribly wrong, or one that paid off in unexpected ways?

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