7 Amazing Advantages of Having Friends ...

By Alison

7 Amazing Advantages of Having Friends ...

The importance of friends cannot be underestimated. Where would we be without them? If you need to ask yourself why you need friends, then I´ll give you some great reasons why having friends is not only necessary, but also a positive aspect of our lives. Even when we are in a relationship, we should never neglect our friends. So here are some reasons why you need friends …

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1 Fun

One of the more frivolous reasons why you need friends is so that you can have fun. Or maybe it´s not that frivolous at all – having fun is important for our mental wellbeing. It´s not too easy to have fun all alone, so get together with your friends regularly. Have a good laugh and enjoy their company – it´ll be great for your health.

2 Gossip

Let´s all be honest – gossip is fun, isn´t it! We love gossiping with friends about people we know and the extraordinary things that celebrities get up to. Of course, giving away private information about someone isn´t fun, so always be discreet and sensitive. Gossip should be fun, it should never be mean!

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3 Support

One of the most important reasons why you need friends is for emotional support. We all have times in our lives when things go wrong, and friends are absolutely essential to help us get through. It would be awful to have nobody to turn to, so cherish your friends and they will be there for you when you need them.

4 Advice

Friends are a brilliant source of advice on all sorts of matters. Who else can you ask about personal issues? Of course, you don´t have to follow their advice, but even if you choose not to, it´s useful to get other opinions. That helps you to decide what you want to do and what is the right course of action for you to take.

5 Being a Friend

Having friends isn´t just about what they can do for you, it´s just as important what you can do for them. Friendship should never be one-sided! Being supportive to a friend who needs you can help distract you from your own worries. Besides, sometimes it´s good just to help put without expecting anything in return.

6 Company

Another good point about friends is that they provide great company. We are social creatures and need to have contact with others (unless you want to be a hermit!). Think of how bored you get when you haven´t seen anyone for a while, and how great you feel after a fun night out. So if you haven´t caught up with your friends in a while, make the effort to get together with them and enjoy their company.

7 Sharing

Another aspect of the importance of friends is that they give us the chance to share things. Whether it´s talking about our problems, our plans for the future, relationship worries, work and study successes, sharing makes us feel a lot better when we´re down, and really great when we have good news to report.

The importance of friends cannot be underestimated. They´re absolutely essential to our lives. Imagine how awful it would be if you had nobody to turn to when you were going through a tough time. So nurture your friendships and show your friends how important they are! Have you ever been through experiences that have reminded you why you need friends?

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hi, I'd like some advice on friends. my best friend has a lot of friends that are complete b*****s. they hate me for no reason and talk about me behind my back. I've never even had a conversation with them, but they hate me anyway. I walk with my friend a lot to our classes, because we have a lot of the same ones. whenever we see her friends in the hall, one of them goes up to my friend an pretends to choke her. she puts her hands around her neck and says "this is what I'm going to do to your friend", and walks away. she makes comments every time I see her, and I've had enough of it. it's really bothering me, but I don't know what to do. my friend knows I don't like her friends, and she doesn't even know why they hate me. she doesn't do anything about it, though. what can I do to stop this? thanks.

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