7 Awesome Ways That Being a Leo Benefits Your Friendships ...

By Alicia

7 Awesome Ways That Being a Leo Benefits Your Friendships ...

Leos make great friends for so many different reasons. Your positive personality traits come out in unique ways that make your friendships special. Each zodiac sign has different gifts they give their friendships. Let’s talk about yours.

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1 You Don’t Give up Easily

You’re not one to throw the towel in at the first sign of trouble, Leo. This includes your friendships. You’re the kind of friend who hangs in there through thick and thin. A little squabble won’t run you off, either. You have the maturity to realize that friendships have fights at times and true friendship means working your differences out.

2 You’re Trustworthy

A Leo is a trustworthy individual. Your friends can tell you anything and know that it won’t be repeated. You’re a true confidant and that’s something that your friends can’t find in everyone. This makes you a very valuable friend to have. You’re also very trustworthy in other ways. Your friends know they can count on you to take very good care of their pet or to housesit for them.

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3 Your Friends Can Count on Your Honesty

Leos are honest individuals. You’re not a person who will tiptoe around the truth and that’s something your friends appreciate from you. They know they’re always going to get an honest response if they talk to you about something. We all need a person in our lives who loves us enough to tell us the truth. You’re that person for your friends.

4 Your Endless Energy is Contagious

Leos are tremendously energetic and I’ll admit that I’m jealous of you in this way! I wish I had half the energy that you do, Leo! But this is beneficial to your friendships. You inspire your friends to lead more active lives. You could easily be the person to encourage them to work out regularly, train for a marathon or even to just get out and enjoy life more rather than sit on the couch all the time.

5 You Love Helping Others

As a Leo, you love to help others. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that you helped someone. While you’ll do this for anyone, it’s extra special when you can do it for a friend. You might help them through a terribly tough semester in Algebra, help them shop for the perfect birthday gift for their mom or many other things. You’re happy to help in any way that you can.

6 You’re a Supportive Friend

You’re always ready to lend support to your friends when they’re going through a crisis. You know how important support is and you always want to give that to your friends. They know they can count on you. You’re in their corner and you’ve got their back. Whether they’re going through a tough break up or having trouble bouncing back from Mono, you’ll be there!

7 You’re down to Earth and Relatable

Being down to earth is a wonderful trait. People like to be with someone who’s authentic and real and that’s you. You’re relatable. You don’t pretend to be someone you’re not and that’s actually part of how you’ve gained you so many friends. Keep on being real because people love that about you!

These are 7 ways that your friendships benefit because of who you are as a Leo. Can you see these traits in your friendships? I’d love to hear from you!

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Help!!!! My husband and I are both Leos!!!!

Ima Leo and everything in here was true 😍😘😂

Love being a Leo

Yes i agree with these .. I'm a Lioness too ! We rock!

Can you do one for cancer??🙏🏼🦀♋️

Sooo true!!! We Leo's rule!!! 😍💁😎😂

Leo pride. This is totally me.

@Kailee I agree that is just stupid to think that! Also an example is my cousin who is a total bitch and has none of these traits and she is a leo. Take these articles like grains of salt.

Oh yes this is me to a T.

Real Leo's don't hear negativity or engage in drama too. Great article.

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