What Your Favorite Color Says about You ...

By Neecey

What Your Favorite Color Says about You ...

Women are far more fascinated by color than men and we love to relate it to ourselves, things in our lives and our lives in general. And why not? There’s no harm in understanding ourselves a little more and science has proved that color can influence many of our choices. So what is your favorite color and what does it say about you?

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1 White

clothing, flower, woman, dress, tree, White is traditionally a color symbolic of purity and innocence, so anybody who claims it as their favorite color is sure to be somebody with great ideals and a nature that loves to reach for the stars and try to attain the impossible. There is a connotation of freshness and youth that can allude to a free and perhaps slightly naïve personality. White screams simplicity, but simplicity in a good, ordered, settled kind of way.

2 Black

clothing, sleeve, dress, little black dress, outerwear, Loving black doesn’t necessarily make you a dark character. It makes you determined, strong-willed and you have a thirst for independence. You aren’t really emotional and the emotions you do have, you tend to hide – maybe because you want to appear sophisticated and dignified. Because of this you prefer to keep yourself to yourself than share your feelings and will have a small but close group of friends. You have insecurities but you will always appear in control of them.

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3 Red

clothing, leg, swimwear, long hair, photo shoot, Red is traditionally associated with romance, but it also has many different and varied connotations, such as good health, personal strength and overall vitality. Somebody who regards red as their favorite color is definitely outgoing, vibrant, impulsive and perhaps even a little aggressive when called for! It is the color of ambition and optimism, and lovers of red tend to be real go-getters in both their personal and professional lives.

4 Pink

clothing, dress, spring, fashion, outerwear, Pink is the calmer, gentler sister of red and is always linked with love and passion. Women who love pink more than other colors are said to be incredibly maternal by nature, ready to provide affection when others need it. Pink signifies charm and kindness and openness to protecting others from harm. Some may see it as a purely girly, childish color, but pink lovers are caring people with warm hearts.

5 Orange

white, black, clothing, fashion, footwear, Orange is regarded as the color that signifies luxury and is often the favorite of people who enjoy fun, social activity and some of the finer things in life! Orange lovers are really fun people to be around, great friends but sometimes they display a tendency to stray into the over dramatic. Orange is also associated with traits like curiosity, fearlessness and restlessness, alluding to a complicated but cool personality.

6 Yellow

clothing, dress, lady, beauty, fashion, Having yellow as your favorite color signifies an imaginative and adventurous spirit full of happiness and important wisdom. Links with the sun and the outdoors cannot be ignored, and yellow lovers tend to be more outdoorsy than the rest with a real zest for life and all that it offers. Interestingly, yellow is also said to be the color of choice for a person with shrewd business skills. Fun and successful, a great combination!

7 Green

clothing, dress, lady, beauty, muscle, Forget the clichéd association with jealousy. People who love green are actually very gentle and sincere characters who are full of hope and a sense of community. People who pick green as their favorite color are patient, self-effacing and modest, making great and trustworthy best friends and unbelievable parents. Honest but not in an offensive way, a green lover will tell you how it is without ever hurting your feelings.

8 Blue

clothing, blue, sleeve, pattern, spring, Blue is actually a less common favorite color than you may think, but those who do regard it above all others tend to be trustworthy, calm, reliable and a touch on the conservative side. Perhaps it's the association with the expansive blue seas and never ending blue skies, but blue lovers are confident in their own skin and like to look at things in relation to the big picture. Not much can unsettle a blue lover, as they are extremely self-controlled and unshakeable.

What’s your favorite color and do you think what’s here is right about you?

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What about the color: PURPLE?

And grey? :(

and purple?

Omg, you hit this right on the head, pink is my favorite color, I'm so miss understood by so many ppl.... Thank you for this 💞

I honestly love I colors. It confuses me all the time that I cannot settle with only one

Red and blue. I've got more of a red personality tho

I love turquoise, not sure if that falls under blue or not since I'm not a big fan of green.

How about gray and black ??

My favorite is yellow :) but gray is my second favorite.

My favorite is pink n yes it basically described me. My second would be purple.

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