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What These 17 Dreams Are Trying to Tell You ...

By Holly

Don't worry, because the dreams you've been having aren't all that rare. Most of us dream about the same types of situations, and they don't always mean what you think they mean. You really need to think about them in order to figure out the symbolism. Thankfully, you won't have to waste your time doing that anymore, because all of the information is right here. Here are a few things that common dreams mean:

1 Being Chased

Being Chased If you're being physically chased in a dream, it means that you’re metaphorically running from something in real life. Are you trying to avoid a relationship, a job, or a major decision?

2 Vehicles

Vehicles If you lose control of your car in a dream, it suggests that you believe you have no control over your real life. That's why it's time for you to take charge of your situation.

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3 People

People If you dream about a random guy you know, it doesn't mean you like him. It might just mean that you value a certain quality of his and wish that you were more like him yourself.

4 School

cartoon, room, classroom, play, screenshot, If you have dreams about school, even though you graduated years ago, it means you need to learn a lesson from the past.

5 Death

Death If you dream about dying, it means you're craving a dramatic change in life. So take some time to think about what that change might be.

6 Flying

Flying Flying represents how confident we are. If you're soaring, you feel good about yourself. If you're crashing, you feel insecure.

7 Falling

Falling Falling suggests that you believe you have no control over your situation. Of course, that's not true, so you should aim to fix whatever situation you're unhappy with.

8 Nudity

Nudity This means that you're feeling vulnerable. If you want these dreams to stop, then you need to stop insulting yourself when you look in the mirror and start complimenting yourself.

9 Baby

Baby Being pregnant in a dream doesn't mean you want children. It just means that you want something new.

10 Teeth Falling out

Teeth Falling out This doesn't mean you need to visit the dentist. It means that you're losing your confidence.

11 Meeting a Celeb

Meeting a Celeb Dreaming about a celebrity is just like dreaming about a person you know. It means you value their traits and want to be more like them.

12 Getting Cheated on

Getting Cheated on This suggests that you don't trust your partner enough.

13 Showing up Late

Showing up Late This means that you have too much on your plate at once. You can't agree to do too many things, or you'll drive yourself crazy.

14 Animals

mammal, vertebrate, horse like mammal, fauna, zebra, This represents your animalistic side. It means you're just trying to survive in the world.

15 Food

cartoon, screenshot, illustration, vehicle, Consuming food can symbolize your desire to consume knowledge. Or, maybe you're just hungry.

16 Demons

action film, screenshot, special effects, fictional character, If you dream about an actual demon, it means that you should change your behavior. It suggests you're disappointed in yourself for acting a certain way.

17 Houses

color, photograph, red, image, screenshot, The different rooms in a house can represent your different emotions.

It's not always easy to decipher your dreams. However, if you take the time to really think about the parallels between your dreams and reality, you should be able to figure out what's caused you to become so upset. What type of dreams do you most commonly have?

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