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I have always been fascinated by how people communicate non-verbally through body language, and was interested to learn that sleep positions can say a lot about personality. Just like how body language can reflect you personality, outlook on life, and mood, your sleep positions communicate similar aspects about you. If you are like me, you probably have a favorite position that helps you fall asleep. Over the years, I have found many different sleeping positions comfortable, perhaps this reflects on how my personality has changed as I have grown up.

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Side Sleeper Number One

There are many different variations of side sleep positions, including sleeping on your side with one knee bent. When I was in college, I slept like this all the time. This position can indicate nervousness and a tendency to tense up, which makes sense to me because I was very stressed out at the time. It is recommended that people who sleep in this position take time to relax. If you sleep in this position and find that you get tense a lot, try meditation or yoga.


Side Sleeper Number Two

Another common side sleeping position is sleeping on your side and lying on one arm. This indicates a gentle personality, sincerity, and lovingness. People who sleep in this position should be aware that this position can also signify low self-confidence and perfectionism. For those of you who sleep in this position, you might want to take note of how confident you are. If you are confident, that is wonderful. However, if you do have low self-confidence, try doing things to build your confidence. For me, participating in activities I enjoy and trying new things have always boosted my confidence.


Fetal Position

The fetal position is one of the most common sleep positions. One study conducted on sleep habits found that over 41 percent of people sleep in the fetal position. People who sleep in the fetal position are usually very organized. They also have a soft interior and a tough exterior and can worry unnecessarily. Being such an organized person, I am surprised that I don’t sleep in the fetal position, but body language and sleep positions is not a hard science.


Free Faller

Sleeping on your stomach with your arms at a right angle is known as the free fall positions. I am often amazed that people can fall asleep on their stomach because I always get a major cramp in my neck when I attempt to sleep on my stomach. This position can be indicative of feeling like you don’t have much control in your life. Free fall sleepers also tend to feel anxious about getting tasks done, are sensitive, and dislike criticism. If you sleep in the free fall position, it is recommended that you try to take control of each day and deal with tasks one at a time.


Soldier Sleeper

The soldier position is characterized by sleeping on your back with your arms close to your body. Interestingly, this is one of the best positions for pain control, but it can lead to snoring. The soldier position is associated with being quiet and reserved and having very high standards. Currently, this is my favored position, and, amazingly, the traits of soldier sleepers fit me perfectly. Although, I will note that I do not snore.


Starfish Positions

If you sleep on your back with your arms over your head, you are a starfish sleeper. People who sleep in this position have very good listening skills. They are also extremely helpful people. However, they are uncomfortable with being the center of attention and are very introverted. I know several people who are introverts and am curious to know if they are starfish sleepers.



The yearner is another side sleeping position. It is characterized by lying on your side with your arms stretched straight out. This is one position that takes up a lot of space in bed because of the outstretched position. Yearners can be slow decision makers, and they can be cynical and stubborn. However, they also have the enviable traits of being eager to take on the day, being open minded, and being excited to chase their dreams.

While not a hard science, the study of sleep positions is rooted in body language and does have some merit. Certainly, my personality traits are spot on with my sleep position. However, I suspect there are also many people whose sleep position says very little about their personality. Regardless, it is fun to learn about the numerous positions that people fall asleep in. What is your preferred sleep position?

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Hahah this is so interesting! The more you know :)

I sleep in way to many positions

I sleep in the free falling position, but have tons of control in my life and myself in general...

im side sleeper #1 & #2 and im also a freefaller and a starfish

I am 1 and 2

i m number 9 and i am e slow decision maker and a stubborn but i m also open minded

I think I'm a fetal position

what if you sleep in different positions?

And starfish I sleep in these positions all the time

I alternate between all of these positions all the time! But usually I sleep in the fetal position

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